Help David Lynch Find “Big Ed Hurley” Everett McGill [UPDATED: We Found Ed!]

Everett McGill as Big Ed Hurley

David Lynch is looking for Everett McGill

It’s been a while since we last heard or saw Everett McGill, who played the lovable gas station owner “Big” Ed Hurley in Twin Peaks. The now 68-year-old actor born Everett Charles McGill III, was last cast in Jag on TV, and David Lynch‘s The Straight Story on the big screen back in 1999. He’s been laying so low since his retirement as an actor, not even Brad Dukes —who interviewed over 100 cast and crew members for his book Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks— was able to track him down.

And now David Lynch joins the search for his lost Bookhouse Boy. Whether it’s to talk Twin Peaks, to cast him in a new film or television project, or something completely different, we don’t know… but the director seems to be serious about finding him as he’s relying on his Twitter followers for help.

From a ’92 article in Deseret News, we learn that Everett lived (or still lives) near the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona. He also played guitar and keyboard in a hard-driving rhythm-and-blues band in New York. Anyone know the band’s name, or any former members? Or any former colleagues or schoolmates still in touch with him?

Any help that could lead David Lynch to Everett McGill is much appreciated, so please retweet and share whatever you know in the comments or contact Welcome to Twin Peaks privately.

UPDATE: Dave found “Ev” thanks to Steve, a reader of Welcome to Twin Peaks. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips! This is straight from David Lynch’s e-mail:

I had a GREAT talk with Ev this morning !!!!!!!

UPDATE (2017): At the Twin Peaks premiere in L.A., Everett McGill talked about receiving the phone call on August 15, 2014, at an empty house he only visits every couple of weeks. He hadn’t heard the yellow phone ring in 10 years!

You won’t believe this, but the first time we talked it had been 20 years. I hadn’t been in touch with [David Lynch] in 20 years. He called me at a telephone number that’s not been used. The phone still exists, but it’s my mother-in-law’s house which has been empty for 7 or 8 years. I was down there checking on something. Phone rang there, I don’t know how he got that number. We talked for about an hour-and-a-half and he didn’t mention Twin Peaks at all. I tell him, chances of you reaching me at this number are one in a million. He said, “In case I need to be in touch with you, do you have a better number?” Probably six months after that he called me and said, “We’re gonna get the old band together!”

Everett McGill as Big Ed Hurley

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  1. fwiw, I was able to find his phone number and emailed it to David this morning – David later said that he had a GREAT talk with “Ev” this morning – no word on what they talked about though 😉

    i suspect because Ev didn’t come to the recent LA Vista Theater TP launch / reunion, people were talking about him not being there and David just big heartedly wanted to connect

  2. I would like contact info., my contact info. given to Everett. He is a distant cousin of mine. My grandfather knew him when he was younger, growing up together. I’ve been in touch with one of his old band mates but he hasn’t talked to Everett in years. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!

    • I’m searching for Everett. My dad had business dealings with him in Arizona. An old deed has come up that requires Everett’s signature. Looks like he left Sedona for LA. I’d love to get a message to him to contact my dad.

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