Bookhouse Boys T-Shirt

Bookhouse Boys t-shirt

What if the Bookhouse Boys were a band?

Based on the original John Paul Ringo George t-shirt by Experimental Jetset, here’s the Bookhouse Boys version of the famous ampersand (&) t-shirt design. The Bookhouse Boys t-shirt has the first names of all current, known members of the secret society fighting the evil presence in the woods:

  • Sheriff Harry S. Truman
  • Deputy Hawk
  • Big Ed Hurley
  • James Hurley
  • Joey Paulson
  • Dale Cooper

The Bookhouse Boys t-shirt is available in different colors.

Bookhouse Boys t-shirt

Bookhouse Boys: BLACK T-SHIRT

SHERIFF TRUMAN: There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence. It takes many forms but … its been out there for as long as anyone can remember and we’ve always been here to fight it.


SHERIFF TRUMAN: Men before us, men before them and after we’re gone.

COOPER: A secret society!

SHERIFF TRUMAN: Why don’t we take Agent Cooper for a little ride.

COOPER: Where to?

SHERIFF TRUMAN: The Bookhouse.

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

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