Secrets Are Dangerous, $10 Limited Edition Twin Peaks T-Shirt

UPDATE: This deal has expired, but you can still purchase the Secrets Are Dangerous design via Society6.

One of this blog’s current sponsors, TeeFury, has a Twin Peaks inspired t-shirt up for sale for the next 11 hours (until midnight, Eastern Standard Time). You can tell designer Matt Dearden is a big fan of the show since the tee, called Secrets Are Dangerous, has no less than 12 Twin Peaks references:

  1. The Owl: It’s not what it seems.
  2. The Pattern: May be familiar to those who have visited the Black Lodge.
  3. The Mountain Range: There’s two peaks, roughly five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line.
  4. The Log: It saw something that night.
  5. The Cassette Recorder: Hopefully the voice activation button has been inadvertently pressed.
  6. The Donuts: It goes without saying.
  7. The Cherry Pie: Worth a stop.
  8. The Domino: Is it keeping score?
  9. The Poker Chip: The establishment welcomes curious tourists and businessmen.
  10. The Necklace: A divided heart, for someone living a double life.
  11. The Symbol: Usually found in caves.
  12. The Coffee: Damn fine – and hot!

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 Secrets Are Dangerous t-shirt

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. I’d be interested in the Secrets Are Dangerous except I get led to a site with 100 pages of t-shirt designs not directly to this one. That makes it super difficult to get it. Unless I’m missing something. ???

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