Bookhouse Boys Added To Twin Peaks Archive

Added last night to the Twin Peaks Archive over at, two variations on the jazzy Bookhouse Boys theme for the price of one ($0.99). I don’t get the background stills that were picked for this release. Few new ones though.

[wpaudio url=”” text=”Twin Peaks Archive – Bookhouse Boys” dl=”0″]


It seems as though prior to Twin Peaks, the criteria for quality television music was simply ‘having a memorable theme song.’ Although Twin Peaks managed to fulfill that category with ‘Falling,’ it also managed to establish a new benchmark in TV music by laying forth an entire catalog of memorable instrumentals. One of these memorable instrumentals is yet another crucial pillar in the formulation of the Twin Peaks sound: the distinctively-austere ‘Bookhouse Boys.’ Once again, Vinnie Bell’s guitar work is foregrounded here, commanding the most responsibility for the tonal flavor of the piece (evident in the frequent usage of the track in it’s solo guitar form), but the importance of this track seems to be in it’s Frankenstein hybrid of both cool ‘finger popping’ jazz combined with a Duane Eddy/late 50’s-style guitar rock. This mode of genre mixing hybrids is an important umbrella under which most of Twin Peaks operates…both the music and the general conventions of the show itself. It is in these hybrids that 1 + 1 does not equal 2, but 3; a resulting whole that is greater than the sum of it’s many parts.

Included with the download of Bookhouse Boys is the drop-key, solo guitar version of the track also featured heavily in the series.

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