David Lynch’s Blue Velvet Returns To Cinemas For 30th Anniversary

Hey, you wanna go for a ride?
—Frank Booth

This year, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet celebrates its 30th anniversary and the milestone is being celebrated with a return to cinemas in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Blue Velvet by David Lynch (1986)

The 1986 film noir will open for a week run at Film Forum in New York City from March 25th through March 31st 2016. Other anniversary screenings of the DCP restoration are yet to be announced, and a U.K. reissue is expected in Autumn 2016.

UPDATE: I previously mentioned a newly restored version would be screened, but Park Circus Films confirmed to me it’s an existing digital print from their archives. Still awesome!

Blue Velvet 30th Anniversary Screenings

Country City / Town Cinema Date
Australia Sydney Sydney Chauvel Fri 07 Oct
Canada Kingston The Screening Room Thu 29 Sep
China Beijing China Film Archive Sun 18 Sep – Fri 23 Sep
France Strasbourg Cinema Odyssee Wed 24 Aug – Tue 20 Sep
Greece Athens Athens International Film Festival Thu 22 Sep – Thu 06 Oct
Switzerland Zurich Filmpodium der Stadt Zurich Mon 17 Oct – Sat 12 Nov
USA Ambler Ambler Theater, Ambler, PA Thu 15 Sep
USA Cary The Cary Theater, Cary, NC Sat 17 Sep
USA Detroit Redford 1, Detroit, MI Fri 23 Sep – Sun 25 Sep
USA Ithaca Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY Thu 29 Sep – Sat 01 Oct
USA Juneau Gold Town Theater, Juneau, AK Sat 17 Sep – Tue 20 Sep
USA Little Rock CALS Ron Robinson Theater, Little Rock, AR Fri 16 Sep
USA Milwaukee Landmark Oriental Theatre, Milwaukee, WI Wed 05 Oct
USA Princeton Princeton Garden Theatre, Princeton, NJ Thu 15 Sep
USA San Francisco Castro Theatre Thu 15 Sep
USA Silver Spring AFI Silver Theatre Fri 07 Oct – Fri 14 Oct
USA Yelm Yelm Cinemas, Yelm, WA Mon 19 Sep

Blue Velvet 30th Anniversary Rerelease Trailer


“Heineken?! F**k that sh**t! Pabst Blue Ribbon!”  Aaah! An azure sky; glistening red tulips along a white picket fence; a stalwart fireman, his Dalmatian beside him, waves from a fire truck moving in slo-mo; a crossing guard directs school kids; a woman sips tea in front of the TV while her husband waters their manicured lawn – all in gorgeous color & Scope, accompanied by the oh-so-soothing voice of Bobby Vinton singing the title tune. But wait. Now the hose is caught – is the man having a stroke?!  And why are we power-diving into the earth and seeing those disgusting bugs, in ultra-close-up?! Oh, wait a minute, this is a David Lynch film. So, here’s a tip for all-American square Kyle MacLachlan: Don’tcheck out the rotting, ant-infested severed ear in the grass. And, even though you’ve got this thing for mysterious “Blue Lady” Isabella Rossellini, Don’t hide in her bedroom closet in hopes of sneaking a peak. But this is a Lynch movie, so its depiction of idyllic “Lumberton, U.S.A.” shows its dark underside of sexual violence, kidnapping, murder, and karaoke, and, in Dennis Hopper’s amyl-nitrite-snorting Frank booth, one of the most dangerous, repellent, and magnetic psychopaths ever to haunt the screen, while Laura Dern, in her first major role, incarnates the girl next door as extremely as Hopper does in essaying pure slime. Controversial from its premiere, Velvet polarized critics like no other movie, with a thumbs-downing from normal champion of the offbeat Roger Ebert, but with Boston, L.A., and National Film Critics awarding it, the Academy nominating Lynch for Best Director, and an anointing by Pauline Kael, who hailed its “charged erotic atmosphere” and “aural-visual humor and poetry.” DCP restoration. Approx. 120 mins.

Blue Velvet 30th Anniversary Poster

Blue Velvet: 30th anniversary release

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  1. It was beautiful, I saw the original in 86′ in California several times, but I could swear this time (saw it outside of Denver at the Alamo in Littleton, CO) It was even richer – I noticed several things I hadn’t seen before. I also got a deeper feel for the movie than I do when I watch at home which made me realize just how much this movie has influenced my writing – I would say rush out to see it is you can – bjk

  2. I just went to one of the screenings a few days ago and it was actually my first time seeing the film! Loved it! I can definitely see the elements Lynch later used in Twin Peaks.

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