Titles For Two-Hour Twin Peaks: The Return Finale Revealed

We’re now two-thirds into Twin Peaks: The Return and one month away from the doubleheader finale. The end is in sight, although at this point, it merely looks like a blurry blob. Today, Showtime revealed the titles for those last two parts of the limited event series, which air back to back on September 3rd.

  • Part 17: The past dictates the future. (8 PM on September 3, 2017)
  • Part 18: What is your name? (9 PM September 3, 2017)

Which character(s) do you think these lines will come from? Do you expect the finale to wrap up most of the loose ends, or will David Lynch and Mark Frost leave us with another epic cliffhanger? Will “What is your name?” be the “How’s Annie?” of The Return?

The Twin Peaks: The Return marathon commences on Sunday, September 3rd, at 4 AM, when Showtime starts airing every Part leading up to the final two hours. This will mark the first opportunity ever for fans to experience the 18-hour film in one go.

Hat tip to Renee Madison on the forum. You can find the titles of earlier Parts here.