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Titles For Two-Hour Twin Peaks: The Return Finale Revealed

We're now two-thirds into Twin Peaks: The Return and one month away from the doubleheader finale. The end is in sight, although at this point, it merely looks like a blurry blob.
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We’re now two-thirds into Twin Peaks: The Return and one month away from the doubleheader finale. The end is in sight, although at this point, it merely looks like a blurry blob. Today, Showtime revealed the titles for those last two parts of the limited event series, which air back to back on September 3rd.

  • Part 17: The past dictates the future. (8 PM on September 3, 2017)
  • Part 18: What is your name? (9 PM September 3, 2017)

Which character(s) do you think these lines will come from? Do you expect the finale to wrap up most of the loose ends, or will David Lynch and Mark Frost leave us with another epic cliffhanger? Will “What is your name?” be the “How’s Annie?” of The Return?

The Twin Peaks: The Return marathon commences on Sunday, September 3rd, at 4 AM, when Showtime starts airing every Part leading up to the final two hours. This will mark the first opportunity ever for fans to experience the 18-hour film in one go.

Hat tip to Renee Madison on the forum. You can find the titles of earlier Parts here.

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What's your response to this?


  1. I guess the key point will be if the answer to “What is your name?” is “Dougie” or “Dale “.

  2. Flinkman says:

    calling it now:

    “what is your name?”

    “Special Agent Dale Cooper”


    • Claire says:

      I think this will be what happens 🙁

      I’d love to get some ‘proper’ Dale Cooper airtime though.

    • m1KKa3L says:

      Janey-E will ask “DougieDale” about his real name in final scene 😉 Cooper lost 25 years of life and Annie Blackburn… but he got his wife and son. Good, positive “The End” – antidote for “How’s Annie?”

    • lazyeye says:

      Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Cooper

  3. Yup. Agree with Flinkman. That’s where we’re headed. Also, there will be ZERO resolutions. There will be roughly three trillion unanswered questions, most of which have been introduced this season.

  4. Dan says:

    My prediction… the series will end with Cooper waking up and asking “How’s Annie?”

    We’ll never figure out how Annie is.

  5. Windom Earle says:

    I think the entire series is Lynch’s way of giving the TV industry and all of us a huge middle finger. The Dougie Jones storyline alone has been such a farce. I doubt Cooper will even show up at all.

    • lazyeye says:

      With respect, I don’t understand why people are disappointed or feel betrayed by the way The Return has unfolded. FWWM itself obliterated the “quirky” Twin Peaks of Season 2, and good riddance. Lynch’s direction since FWWM (LH, MD, Rabbits, IE) should have been enough for everybody to know that this season would be different than the first two. If that wasn’t enough, Lynch and Frost dropped numerous hints that things would be very different. I can understand why there is some unhappiness (I loved and miss the old TP), but the different “take” in The Return shouldn’t come as a surprise.
      Along the same lines, when people say they will be disappointed, or Lynch will have flipped them off, etc., if this is all “just a dream.” Well, MH was based on a dream, but it was anything other than “just” a dream. It used the dream as a vehicle to tell a human story of overwhelming emotional impact, and deserves its status as a seminal masterpiece. This is not to say that Twin Peaks may not end up being a disappointment. (I’m not in the “Lynch can do no wrong” camp. I didn’t care for LH and could not identify even an intuitive narrative through-line in IE, so lost interest.) But the creator of Eraserhead, BV, the Twin Peaks Pilot, and MH, deserves the benefit of the doubt, IMO, that he can bring the strands together into a powerful story.

    • jon says:

      Cooper has show up, have you not seen episode 16, he clearly woke up from the coma and was no longer dougie, and he even said “i am the FBI”

  6. TWSiebert says:

    In some ways, this does feel like Lynch’s giant “F#ck You” to fans, and yet I’m also mostly enjoying it a great deal.
    It may depend on how this turns out–there are movies I’ve seen where I didn’t realize I hated them until it was over, that the “ride” was enjoyable-ish until the ending proved it all to be bullish!t and contemptuous of the audience—“Vanilla Sky,” a couple others.
    If we don’t get resolution, if it all ends with a bunch of question marks, no Dale Cooper, another brutal cliffhanger, I will be offended and insulted. And maybe that’s the point.
    But I hope not. The narrative still has great promise, despite some bad side roads and subplots.

  7. Sparks says:

    18 hours of Lynch clothes-lining his audience, repeatedly. His bitterness as an artist has saturated the series. At this point, only the diehards are voluntarily hypnotizing themselves into believing the 3rd series is anything else but an F-U to the audience. Self-delusion is America’s most abundant resource.

    • someguy says:

      As much as giving your full of hatred opinion when no one is asking, I suppose.

    • driftwood says:

      “Self-delusion is America’s most abundant resource.”

      and as this comment demonstrates self-awarness is it’s biggest deficit.

    • I would love to hear more of your opinion I think you’ve got a lot of valid points.

  8. PMD says:

    I laugh at all these comments from people REALLY mad because they don’t get a common lineal plot like every other thing in TV right now. It’s so cute.

    • Sparks says:

      Lineal plot! There you have it folks, Lynch-Boy ignorance at its finest. A “lineal plot” — apparently PMD doesn’t know what “lineal” or “plot” means. Nice try, geek.

    • LOL I am agree with you! a bunch of cute and maybe… naive people?? LOL

  9. Markooooo says:

    Please Twin Peaks fans sit back and enjoy the ride. The only gripe I have with Twin Peaks: The Return is the sex scene with Dougie and Janey-E. Why didn’t Mr. Jackpots say, “HELLOOOO!” at the climax?

  10. James C says:

    Part 18, from Diane.

  11. driftwood says:

    what part of david lynch’s personality remotely comes across like he’s “bitter” and went to all this effort and work just to “give you the finger” lmao. it’s possible his brain just doesn’t work like your own boring ass fan fiction idea of what twin peaks should been.

    • Sparks says:

      I don’t think Twin Peaks or the Twin Peaks story should be anything, one way or another. However, what it’s revealing itself to be, is embarrassingly bad. So bad in fact, the overly-sensitive Lynchophiles are working overtime to prop it up and overly-explain why it’s a sterling work of genius. What I find ironic is that the pretentious viewers who preen themselves on “getting” Lynch, are the same viewers who refuse to see that this series is actually a mean-spirited joke on the viewers who “get it”. You can tell Americans anything, and they will believe it, as long as it’s not the truth.

      • Brambi says:

        What’s with all this “Americans” stuff??? Only person bitter here seems to be you, dude. Bitter that you’re not getting what you want. Complaining on the internet, lol. You are a minority opinion on the wrong website. Here’s some advice: spend your time doing something more constructive in the future. Hope this helps.

        • Sparks says:

          ” . . . a minority opinion on the wrong website.”

          So, would you suggest that I find out what the majority opinion is and then start repeating what other people are saying? As tempting as that may be, I think I’ll continue to think and speak for myself.

          As I already said, I don’t want Twin Peaks to be anything.

          • BTNGYOU says:

            Hey Sparks you seem like a very grounded and unassuming, intelligent fellow.

            Do you mind elaborating on how and in what ways this return is “embarrassingly bad?”

            Also, how do you know this is intended to be a mean-spirited joke?

            I couldn’t imagine you’re merely saying that through the interpretation of the man’s work and not an evaluation of his personality.

      • Lolo says:

        I think perhaps you need to take a breather. Americans? The owner of this site itself is a European. I’ve enjoyed the new season overall, but no way in hell can I begin to attempt to claim what the series is or what its intention will ultimately be — so I take issue with your certainty it’s a ‘mean-spirited joke,’ as if you’re the only one who knows the truth. Isn’t that pretentious? I find apologists and over-hypers annoying as well, we agree there — and yet here I am mostly enjoying the new series. Maybe you should take a more nuanced approach to things, even when you dislike them, because it is not good for your health. Our current political climate is rife with absolutist bipartisanship — must our art and entertainment become so hostile as well?

        • Sparks says:

          Beautifully stated — and you are right. I only mention Americans or American culture because Lynch is directly commenting on the American people and its culture of ignorance. His work clearly has broader implications beyond North America, but his commentary/content is very America-centric. In an absurd/ironic sense, it’s the culture of ignorance with its complete critical detachment that so vehemently defends his work — and it does so with such embarrassing American elitism. If Lynch expects his content to be taken seriously, he should insert that content into a project befitting of his immense talent. This project is so far-beneath his talent and ability, it’s hard to see TP as much more than slap in the face to those who have supported his work.

          • krl97a says:

            I think you may be projecting your own prejudices onto Lynch with the “culture of ignorance” thing. His history….showing small town folks have value and at least as much smarts as anyone else, sending the “poisonous Valentine” to Hollywood in Mulholland Drive, having brilliant law enforcement characters….doesn’t seem to be that of an elitist or snob and in many ways bucks mass media trends. I suspect any display of human flaws would be a commentary about general human nature or the state of modern society rather than a particular “culture”, let alone an anti-American statement. He even included the subtly patriotic scene with Dougie looking at the flag at the police station, which was timed to coincide with July 4 weekend except they didn’t air an episode that week.

  12. CarbonGlacier says:

    What if the question is asked of Carel Struycken’s character, given his name in the credits has been a bunch of question marks all season. I know there’s the supposed answer from the soundtrack, but is that his name or his title?

  13. JRS says:

    Sparks you sound like a hack TV writer who cant understand why critics and fans love art. Go back to watching the 100th version of CSI or your one millionth reality show. And stop saying Americans when people love it all over the world. You sound like an ignorant Trump Voter.

    • krl97a says:

      Actually if anything he sounds more like he’d be an ignorant Clinton voter given his views on Americans. Just saying.

  14. Arjan Hut says:

    Having watched and enjoyed the new TP so far, I can not believe all the “Lynch is screwing the fans” comments. All those demands and assumptions!

  15. Sher Smith says:

    I am not a massive ‘Lynch’ fan (I like some of his stuff, other stuff I’m not fond of) but I DO love Twin Peaks. Yes, there have been some strange parts in this season, but no stranger than in Seasons 1 & 2, & parts of it have been frustrating, but that is the way this series has always been. It’s supposed to get you thinking, not spoon feed the whole thing to you. Just enjoy it for what it is & if you don’t like it, simply don’t watch it, nobody’s forcing you to.

  16. Mackey says:

    I believe that Lynch and co. were ready to do season three in the early nineties. But ABC had to f**k things up and cancel the show.

    Don’t think “The Return” will end with another cliffhanger, but hopefully we will get some resolutions to all of these plot threads. Not all, of course. We’re talking David Lynch here.

    Kyle had said at the beginning of this season that things will make sense at the end.

    But does he mean in general, or in the mind of David Lynch?

  17. part 18, I bet on Sonny Jim asking the “name” question 🙂

  18. Pal says:

    The last two titles were actually announced the day before yesterday (August 1st) and were already being discussed then.

  19. These comments that Lynch is giving collective fandom the middle finger are just asinine. Lynch’s great care and love for this magnificent piece of work is SO obvious.

    • Windom Earle says:

      Oh yeah Dougie Jones is genius !

    • Sparks says:

      “Lynch’s great care and love for this magnificent piece of work is SO obvious.”

      Typical mindless, Lynch-boy rhetoric. David Lynch directed this series like an amateur film student — and the writing isn’t much better. The only thing “magnificent” about this series is David Lynch’s contempt for his audience. The only thing “obvious” about the series is Lynch’s revulsion at the stupidity of American culture.

      • Missing Harry says:

        The scene of Lynch and the beautiful woman as Albert waits….. Its funny to read you trying to objectify your comments. Lynch got you goood.

        • Sparks says:

          Yeah, Lynch must have gotten me good, because I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Objectifying comments . . . ? Meaningless redundancy while trying to use an intellectual-sounding phrase, would be my guess.

          • Missing Harry says:

            “sometimes I worry about you”

  20. Seattle Swede says:

    Man, it’s so great. And, it happened while I’m still alive.
    Maybe just get caught in it and flow along. It’s the equivalent of stream of consciousness writing style Faulkner chose to let a cognitively disabled character narrate to us in a non-linear, lapsing prose. The effect, like this Twin Peaks iteration, is pretty poetic.

    Right away, a lot of people badmouthed that novel as well. It turned out to be great, after all.

  21. The Log says:

    The final episode – Harry will be on his deathbed at the very same hospital Doc Heyward recalled Dale Cooper strangely leaving 25 years ago. Mr. C will arrive to pay Harry a visit and announce himself as Special Agent Dale Cooper (“What is your name?”) Harry will then die which triggers Coop to awaken out of his Mr. C possession. Then, Dougie and his life as we know it will be realized as nothing more than a manifestation of someone’s dream. Not sure who’s having the dream of him though, it could be anyone at this point.

  22. NolanBatman4ever says:

    Everyone told me to watch this show and it is the worst television show ever to be put on in the history of all time. Everyone who worked on it, from the top down should be ashamed of themselves. nothing but pretentious weirdy rubbish and violent misogyny and women hating in general and not to mention an all white cast. David Lynch should be banned from making ANY piece of art ever again. Awful, just awful in every way.

    • Lolo says:

      NolanBatman4ever cannot possibly be a real human being, and must be a smug fan false-flagging as a total nimrod. On the other hand, myself being a fan, if you are for real, NolanBatman4ever, I think you should look back at how many abused women find the series cathartic, especially FWWM with the Japanese, before claiming misogyny, as well as look into history and see how much of a tragedy was McCarthyism, and perhaps dwell on the ill effects of banning the voices of those with whom you disagree. If you don’t come back wizened, maybe it will streamline your process into becoming a fascist!

    • BTNGYOU says:

      Art should not be guided by politics as you seem to demand. Also there have been cast members that are not white in the series. Also you seem to not be considering the location (the northwest).

      You’re mistaking pretentiousness for David merely attempting express ideas he has in his mind. Pretentiousness implies he is doing it to be weird or smart. Which he is not.

      I’m so tired of the lazy misogyny accusation. You should google “David Lynch Foundation Women’s Health Initiative.” For women who have endured abuse. Lynch isn’t showing you abuse because he hates women, rather he is unafraid of being judged by someone like yourself and rather he is showing us a brutal reality, that continues to this day. The abuse of women.

      • Missing Harry says:

        If youd run for any political office and I can vote in the election Id vote for you btngyou.

      • R. Aeger says:

        “Pretentiousness implies he is doing it to be weird or smart. Which he is not.”

        This is the concept behind pretentiousness? Hmm, thanks for highly enlightening and also completely incorrect lesson in definition. Small mind, small concepts.

        • Missing Harry says:

          “Nolan batman forever” the name says enough to know not to take seriously when it comes to the world according to David Lynch.

    • krl97a says:

      “Misogyny”? The men abusing women are portrayed as vile monsters. Lynch’s depiction of violence against women is far more realistic and healthier for society to see than the cheesy female badass stuff pervasive in sci fi and less serious action movies the past couple of decades, where tiny, pretty women routinely toss muscled up men around like rag dolls. The latter encourages violence between the sexes (on both sides; remember Ray Rice’s girlfriend first attacked him in that infamous elevator footage; maybe she had seen too much Xena or Buffy), and it’s no coincidence that the rise of female badass characters has been accompanied by a spike in handwringing about domestic violence. The realistic depictions of victimizations remind people that men and women aren’t physical equals and hopefully encourages society to preserve a little chivalry in interactions.

      And most characters being white is a realistic depiction of the northern Great Plains and rural Washington. Heck, a huge majority of Americans in general are still white. Learn something about the world before stridently commenting on it.

  23. Jonathon Lucas says:

    Not a huge Lynch fan, a huge Twin Peaks fan though. This series is amazing, pushing boundaries and buttons at the same time. If it hurts your tiny brain, join the club, but embrace that pain, enjoy the ride, let go of your preconceptions and all that shit, buy a golden shovel for $29.95 and dig your way out of it!
    I have no idea where this is going, no leaks, no spoilers, having to wait a whole goddam week between shows, the best thing on TV ever. The fucks are at it again!

    • Missing Harry says:

      <3 i wish we all could watch together and get hyped

      • Missing Harry Likes Circle-Jerks says:

        “I wish we all could watch together and get hyped”

        In other words, you’re looking for a group of guys to get together and have a circle-jerk.

  24. Monkeysbirdcage says:

    It was hard not to want a lot out of this show, I’ve felt a few moments of delight so far but in general it’s been a great disappointment, and I typically love all things Lynch, he was the gold standard in my mind. Film makers, musicians, artists in general have a sweet spot, a period of time when their work seems like pure magic and then they grow and change and shift gears (as they should), sometimes it’s into something I don’t like much, I think that’s what’s happened, he’s moved into a territory that’s not for me.

    • Seattle Swede says:

      I know exactly how you mean, generally speaking. Give yourself this present: words to recall someday from Harriet Hayward as she conversed with her muse, “…now that some time has passed…”

  25. Tom Working says:

    The show is as anything Lynch does. Wildly interpretive and Jungian. Like you would with an ink blot, it seems many posting here are saying more of themselves than anything else. Someone sees bitterness, might only see bitterness. People prone to wonderment describe just that. I’ve enjoyed the odd ride so far. Lot of forboding and mysteries old and new. Fun stuff.

    • Missing Harry says:

      Right on perspective! I like how you hone in on the subjective side of watching Lynch.

      • Missing Harry Likes Circle-Jerks says:

        “Subjective side”

        Oh my, stop talking. You continue to embarrass yourself with words and terms you don’t understand. Some of the words you use are so incorrect they are painful to read.

  26. it seems that they’ve already set up the situation of a “cliff hanger” to some degree if mark frost is going to sell a book called “the final dossier”. how much of a cliff hanger, i don’t know. i have done my best to avoid any spoilers of the new season so far and it’s ok that i’ve seen some here because at best, they’re no more than what a viewer of “the simpsons” would know from the two parodies they did of the previous seasons and entirely out of context and incoherent; not ruining anything except for knowing that maclahlan seems to play different “people”(?).

    it makes me think of the actual end of “fear and loathing in las vegas”. in the film, they show a bit of it but the way the book works, they go off in a drugged haze and there is no more official “reporting” from the protagonist and all that remains of the “end”–depicted in the film with the coffee shop scene–is “found footage” from their tape recorder. it isn’t really a “cliff hanger” but a sudden end that requires, maybe some closure of some sort.

  27. krl97a says:

    I’d be very disappointed if that last episode refers to Cooper just getting his memory back. It could refer to any number of other things without even qualifying as misdirection. I’m still holding out hope we’ll get to see him in full blown action for more than one episode.

  28. Windom Earle says:

    Over The Top


  29. Windom Earle says:

    I meant

    Over the Top


  30. Markooooo says:

    Well it’s official Twin Peaks has been cancelled by frickin Showtime. Source Seriable.com

  31. Mackey says:

    The articles I have been reading that the headline says that Twin Peaks has been cancelled look like pure click bait. If you read the articles, David Nevins of Showtime says that in the beginning only the third season was planned. Nobody has talked to Lynch to see if he wants to do a fourth season in the first place.

    Still a possibility. Kyle has said recently that he would be interested in doing a 4th season.

  32. Mackey says:

    I emailed Showtime and asked about the chance of a 4th season. Here is their reply…

    “Thank you for reaching back out to us regarding your interest in Twin Peaks: The Return. No announcement has yet been made regarding the continuation of this series. You may want to follow SHOWTIME on Facebook and Twitter, or register and sign up for email updates on SHO.com as a way to stay connected and get programming news and reminders”.

  33. BOB says:

    Wow. So much bile in these comments. Thanks for refilling my death-bag.
    You may think I’ve gone insane,
    But I told you I’d kill again.

    I love the comment boards. They have the fury of their own momentum.

  34. Austin Pearce says:

    I want a feature length version of The Return, all in one continuous film with no break in-between.

  35. Andy Bones says:

    As amped as I am for the 2 part finale, it’s also going to be a little sad knowing there’s not going to be another mindblowing chapter the next week, next month, or probably ever. Although it’s not wise to assume anything with David Lynch and Twin Peaks, one gets the feeling this is going to be it. One thing is certain- The Return will be remembered as Lynch’s grand opera, and perhaps the finest, most original moment of TV history.

  36. Arby says:

    If that’s it, I’m hugely disappointed.

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