Mulholland Drive Restoration By David Lynch In Cinemas April 2017, Special Edition DVD/Blu-Ray Release In May

Mulholland Drive, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, is returning to cinemas —at least in the UK— on April 14th, 2017. A new special edition release will follow on May 1st “to coincide with the hotly anticipated return of David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks.

The 4k digital transfer of the movie restored under the supervision of David Lynch was released last year by Criterion in the US, and —assuming this is the same version— will now get a European release on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. Special features on the physical releases have yet to be announced.

Would you go to a theater near you if it screened this new restoration of Mulholland Drive?

Here’s the full press release:

Recently voted the best film of the 21st Century in a BBC Culture poll, Mulholland Drive is essential viewing by one of the masters of contemporary American cinema. David Lynch’s scary and seductive vision of Hollywood is a true masterpiece, weaving together a tale of love, jealousy, and revenge like no other.

The new restoration of the 4k digital transfer, supervised by Lynch himself, will receive its UK premiere at Birmingham’s Flatpack Film Festival, which takes place April 4 through 9th 2017. More information on the festival can be found here.

The film will be then released by the ICO in cinemas on April 14th 2017, followed by a new special edition DVD, Blu-ray and EST release through Studiocanal on May 1 8, 2017, to coincide with the hotly anticipated return of David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks.

Beautiful, bizarre and strangely addictive, the film begins as a botched hit results in the meeting of brunette amnesiac Rita (Laura Harring) and blonde would-be Hollywood actress Betty (Naomi Watts). Taking the viewer on a memorable neo-noir trip through Hollywood’s dark underbelly, Lynch dispenses with a conventional narrative in favour of a hallucinogenic assault on the senses that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Special features on the DVD and Blu-ray Special Editions to be announced.

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