In my previous post “If There Were A Twin Peaks Video Game” I coined the idea of an early 90s adventure game called Dale’s Quest, comparable to the popular King’s Quest and Police Quest series from back in the days. In this game, you have to guide Special Agent Dale Cooper “through a place both wonderful and strange” using a straightforward text command interface, and discover clues in order to score points out of a maximum of 315.

Now I’d love to be able to tell you that I obtained this vintage magazine ad for Dale’s Quest from Ken and Roberta Williams of Sierra On-Line fame, but honestly… I just made it myself. Wouldn’t it be cool if this were an actual game? I also have plenty of ideas left, so if this gets a positive response, Dale’s Quest 2 – Inside The Black Lodge might follow…


Dale's Quest, a Twin Peaks adventure game

By the way, some details got lost in image compression. For those wondering, the text commands in the tiny screenshots are “ask sheriff about trees”, “enter waiting room”, “pause video”, and “examine fingernails.”