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New Twin Peaks Wraps After 140 Days Of Principal Photography

“It's a wrap!” After 140 shooting days, David Lynch and the production crew have wrapped filming new episodes of Twin Peaks. At least for now.
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“That’s a wrap!”

Twin Peaks - David Lynch - Peter Deming ASC
Clapper board from the final Twin Peaks shooting day (Courtesy of Peter Deming, ASC)

Last night, David Lynch and his Rancho Rosa production crew wrapped principal shooting on the new Twin Peaks. Congratulations, everyone!

April 14, 2016, was the last of 140 shooting days in Washington state and Los Angeles, both on location and on a soundstage.

At least for now.

@ForLocations, an insider account which for the past few months has tweeted solid advance information on Twin Peaks location shoots in L.A., earlier reported that production would wrap its first two seasons. Emphasizing “yes – first 2 seasons.” Maybe the new Twin Peaks won’t be a limited series after all?

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, which has now been removed.

Twin Peaks wraps up its first 2 seasons in the next few weeks

Although Sherilyn Fenn last year mentioned there’d be 18, it’s still uncertain into how many episodes David Lynch and Duwayne Dunham will cut 140 days worth of footage during post-production. But there’s at least one thing about the new season(s) we can be sure about according to Kyle MacLachlan.

Kyle MacLachlan: 'Poo will flow"

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What's your response to this?


  1. Bran says:

    This is good news !

  2. EdMander says:

    More. Bring more.

  3. Rob B. says:

    “Poo will flow.”

    You know, if he’s anything like his tweets in real life, Kyle MacLachlan must be an absolute hoot to work with… 🙂

  4. Iche says:

    The next start is in 25 years. Meanwhile… .

    Great news. Hope we`ll get another teaser soon. Till the next teaser releases I bypass the long time with David Lynch`s great albums “Crazy Clown Time” and “The Big Dream”.

    Thank you David Lynch for this great art of mystic (in movies, pictures and music). This is what I want.
    ?eziam eht ees uoy oD

  5. Anne Rodrigue says:

    I’ll see you in twenty five years…

  6. Anne Rodrigue says:

    ^^ under the sycamore trees…^^

  7. Anne Rodrigue says:

    Any chance Lynch or Frost actually reads these comments ?
    I’d love to be able to tell them what a big fan I am ?

  8. shakas says:

    I know getting more episodes and more seasons sounds good…but it could also lead to stretching, filler episodes and changing the story to allow it to continue longer. Possibly ruining the seemingly succinct, ‘all killer, no filler’ plan it looked like Mark and David had worked up over the last couple years.

    Surely us starved fans will eat it up, whatever happens, but hopefully it serves the show rather than ruin what could have been. It’s all too common for excellent shows to tarnish the good name for the sake of squeezing too many seasons out of it and meandering on…many already say TP did this in S2.

    Anyway, it’s good news, just has me a bit cautioned.

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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