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Twin Peaks: The Fan Dossier Finalists Announced, Now Vote For Your Favorite Fan-Written Backstory

Mark Frost and Welcome to Twin Peaks are proud to announce the finalists in the Twin Peaks: The Fan Dossier writing contest!

Eighty-eight of you completed the assignment to author an FBI document on any Twin Peaks character. Due to the outstanding quality of your writing, judging took longer than it took Señor Droolcup to leave room 315. Rather than rushing through the entries, we took our time to carefully judge them —yes, spreadsheets were involved— based on a variety of criteria such as originality, tone, elements of surprise, humor and/or fear, and connections with the existing mythos. Although the finalists clearly went the extra mile, presentation was not a deciding influence.

Without further ado and with special congratulations from Mark Frost, here are the three finalists in no particular order:

“Lois Duffy” by Eva Jucci

(to be republished)

“Albert Rosenfield” by Bex Terry and Kami Wallner

(to be republished)

“Carrie Page” by Matt Latterell


Now grab a damn fine cup of coffee, click the links above to read the stories, and vote for your favorite one using the form below. The public voting ends Friday the 13th at noon (Eastern) and the winner will be announced that same day. The grand prize winner receives an exclusive framed book jacket of The Final Dossier autographed by Mark Frost. Runners-up get a signed The Secret History of Twin Peaks tote bag. All the prizes are courtesy of Flatiron Books.

“Please thank all the contestants for their outstanding work,” Mark Frost wrote in an e-mail. Thanks back to Mark for selecting the three finalists, and to Molly Fonseca at Flatiron Books for all the support!

Hungry for more backstories? Welcome to Twin Peaks will share more wonderful entries soon on Fan Fiction Fridays!

Twin Peaks: The Fan Dossier Voting Form

Voting has ended! The winner will be announced soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Twin Peaks: The Fan Dossier Finalists Announced, Now Vote For Your Favorite Fan-Written Backstory

Eighty-eight fans completed the assignment to write a compelling backstory on a Twin Peaks character of their choice. Today, we announce the three finalists as selected by Welcome to Twin Peaks and Mark Frost himself!

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