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The Fan Dossier: Write The Compelling Backstory Of Any Twin Peaks Character

Remember “the official version?”

Now it’s time for yours.

Become an FBI Special Agent and, like Tamara Preston, author your own file on ANY Twin Peaks character.

In minimum 200 words and not longer than two pages, tell the dramatic or humorous story of a Twin Peaks character of your choice that hasn’t been elaborated on recently. For example, imagine what the Roadhouse singer has been up to for 25 years, what happened to Laura Palmer’s high school teacher after the pilot, or whatever came of Bookhouse Boy Joey Paulson.

You’re free to include images and documents, just like in Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks and The Final Dossier.

  • E-mail one entry to (PDFs allowed)
  • Deadline: December 23, 2017
  • Welcome to Twin Peaks will present 3 finalists nominated by Mark Frost
  • A public voting round ending at noon on 4/13/2018 will decide on the winner

UPDATE: We truly appreciate your patience. The finalists have been announced!

The grand prize is an exclusive framed book jacket of The Final Dossier autographed by Mark Frost and courtesy of Flatiron Books. Runners-up will receive a signed The Secret History of Twin Peaks tote bag.

Good luck and most of all, have fun!

Grand Prize: The Final Dossier book jacket autographed by Mark Frost

Mark Frost - The Final Dossier autographed book jacket

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The Fan Dossier: Write The Compelling Backstory Of Any Twin Peaks Character

Share your backstory of a Twin Peaks character of your choice for a chance to win an exclusive framed book jacket signed by Mark Frost.

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