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The Fan Dossier: Write The Compelling Backstory Of Any Twin Peaks Character

Share your backstory of a Twin Peaks character of your choice for a chance to win an exclusive framed book jacket signed by Mark Frost.
This post was published a while ago. Please keep its age in mind and if you find any errors, feel free to comment.

Remember “the official version?”

Now it’s time for yours.

Become an FBI Special Agent and, like Tamara Preston, author your own file on ANY Twin Peaks character.

In minimum 200 words and not longer than two pages, tell the dramatic or humorous story of a Twin Peaks character of your choice that hasn’t been elaborated on recently. For example, imagine what the Roadhouse singer has been up to for 25 years, what happened to Laura Palmer’s high school teacher after the pilot, or whatever came of Bookhouse Boy Joey Paulson.

You’re free to include images and documents, just like in Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks and The Final Dossier.

  • E-mail one entry to deputydirectorgordon[email protected] (PDFs allowed)
  • Deadline: December 23, 2017
  • Welcome to Twin Peaks will present 3 finalists nominated by Mark Frost
  • A public voting round ending at noon on 4/13/2018 will decide on the winner

UPDATE: We truly appreciate your patience. The finalists have been announced!

The grand prize is an exclusive framed book jacket of The Final Dossier autographed by Mark Frost and courtesy of Flatiron Books. Runners-up will receive a signed The Secret History of Twin Peaks tote bag.

Good luck and most of all, have fun!

Grand Prize: The Final Dossier book jacket autographed by Mark Frost

Mark Frost - The Final Dossier autographed book jacket

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

What's your response to this?



    Serious question #1: the title and examples say “ignored” character, the post says “any”. Which is it? If it’s limited to secondary characters, where do we draw the line? Candie, Phillip Jeffries, Albert Rosenfield, Emmett Cooper: would any of them count?

    Serious question #2: what’s a reasonable maximum word length? Or the entry is valid as long as it fits in two pages?

    Not serious question: why do Mark Frost’s release dates and now deadlines always fall on the most inconvenient combinations with the schedule of the biggest yearly fanfiction event… is it an Illuminati conspiracy… two years I’ve suffered…

  2. Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

    Serious answer #1: Basically any character we hardly know anything about. I’d say that includes Albert.

    Serious answer #2: There’s no hard limit. Keeping it under a 1000 words will just significantly help the review process.

    Can’t wait to read your entry!

    PS: Don’t blame Mark for that deadline!

    • Thank you for the quick and exhaustive answer! Mark’s only fault is that he created too many amazing characters, hah, my first shortlist narrows it down to 84, for 19 of whom I’d already have some applicable idea or headcanon ? It’s gonna be a blast! It’s already a blast, throwing around ideas with some friends who are also participating has been so much fun today. Are we going to be able to read all entries at some point? Definitely looking forward to reading the three finalists at least!

  3. Interesting. Who’s idea / project is this?

  4. smileyfusco says:

    Great idea and I’d love to participate, but the deadline is a bit short-termed.
    I’m sure you’ve had sound reasons for chosing that timeframe, but maybe consider prolonging it.

  5. Victoria Hannah says:

    How clean does this have to be?

    I mean, including a few swear words here and there would not be too amiss?

    • Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

      As long as you stay true to the world of Twin Peaks, it’s fine. Also, please no erotica.

      • Victoria Hannah says:

        Thanks, I just wanted to use the F word once or twice. No erotica…no worries on that area, My brain wasn’t even going there.

  6. Pieter Dom,
    Is there any specific submission information that should be included in the body of the email? Word count, title, synopsis, etc.? Thank you for this! I am so excited!

  7. LizK says:

    Are images and documents in addition to the two-page limit, or is it two pages of text PLUS any documents?

  8. tnr says:

    Hey! is this contest worldwide or just the US?

  9. Ethan says:

    Sounds like fun. Can I assume this also includes the new series?

  10. Bradley Mitchum says:

    PLEASE let us be able to read all of the submissions!!!

  11. z says:

    Should we write our files as if they were written from Agent Preston’s POV, like a missing page from TFD?

  12. Valerie says:

    dumb question but is it ok if we don’t beat around the bush and actually mention bob, the little man and other lodge spirits? its really hard not to and were not really FBI, lol

  13. Kip Ladd says:

    I sent mine in but realized I had a typo on one of my documents. Is there a way to send in a revised version?

  14. Frank says:

    Would screen grabs be alright to include as character photos?

  15. Thank you so much for this contest! It’s really got my creative juices flowing!

    However, in keeping with the spirit of the two dossiers, I wrote mine from the perspective of Tammy Preston, before seeing your clarification in the comments here. I suppose it could be “me” as an FBI agent, who just so happened to go to the same university and have knowledge of the incident in the Sheriff’s station. I hope that’s okay!

  16. Minnie says:

    Welcome to Twin Peaks, if you don’t plan on making all of the entries available for the public to read then might I suggest that all the people who have written files upload them on AO3. It would be great if the forces behind this site could broadcast this idea. All the files could all be part of a collection that way! A fan created dossier. I really can’t stand the thought of not being able to read them all.

  17. Bex says:

    Thanks for this contest! I was wondering if there was some kind of verification if a submission has been recieved? (I’ve sent mine and I’m just a little paranoid)

  18. nicolasl says:

    Me too, I’m a little paranoid! I sent you mine from France (Nicolas L.). Have you received it?
    Congratulations for this event, it is an excellent initiative!

  19. Alexandru Luca says:

    Can we still send our submissions? It’s 23 December, the deadline day…Thanks!

  20. LizK says:

    Well, wrote a good chunk of mine, but holiday stuff kept me from completing it. I might finish it anyway, just for kicks. Hate for the work to go to waste.

    • Me says:

      You could post it on Fanfiction.net, Archive of Our Own or even Tumblr! I’d read it. 😀

  21. Jack Dean says:

    Would it be possible to get a status report?
    Something like how many were submitted, expected date of the final 3, how long you will run the contest here for people to vote etc etc.
    The post says January so I did my best to wait until today before I started asking questions *eg*


    • Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

      Quick update: over 80 files have been submitted. The final 3 will be announced in the second half of January. Voting period will be 7 days (which may or may not go into February).

  22. Jack Dean says:

    Awesome! Thanx for the update and I look forward to the entries, it should shed a lot of light on the way these SUPER fans perceive the new series, as well as the old.


  23. Sam says:

    Elga baby Damn No!!! The anticipation

  24. I know! The anticipation is driving me crazy! I tell myself not to check every day haha

  25. Jack Dean says:

    I mean if you were going to release the contestant info, today would be a good day, then you would have 2 weekends of voting versus just 1 weekend if you wanted to extend it a little bit. But what do I know?

    We are all crawling with anticipation…

  26. Paul says:

    At this point I’m afraid the final three won’t be announced until mid-February or maybe longer. I keep checking every day. It’s driving me batty.

  27. Marta says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one checking obsessively.

  28. kami says:


    ONE MORE DAY?!?!

  29. Earle says:

    Any chance of an updated status report? Thank you.

  30. Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

    I’m sorry this is taking longer than expected!

    Instead of rushing through, we want to make sure every entry gets the same level of attention and grading. You are all so amazing, this is sort of like ranking your 10 favorite Lynch scenes; too many highlights!

    • Lolo says:

      I think this is the best option to take, after all Season 3 itself involved the notion of patience and quite a few delays.

    • Bex says:

      I’m just glad everyone’s efforts are being appreciated! This contest was a great idea and I look forward to seeing some of the entries

  31. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the winner of the voting round got announced at exactly 11:30 AM on February 24th? 🙂

  32. Sam says:

    The lone fog horn blows

  33. Lonely Soul says:


  34. Lolo says:

    Any update?

  35. Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

    We are getting close! Just waiting for Señor Droolcup to deliver the milk.

  36. Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

    Still waiting myself. The anticipation is killing me too!

    • Hey Pieter,
      Perhaps instead of having a date we all look forward to at the beginning of the this post, maybe edit it to ‘At an as-yet unspecified time, Welcome To Twin Peaks will…”

  37. kami says:

    Will you be sending out emails when the results are in?

    (not that I’m not checking several times a day anyway, but…)

  38. Jack Dean says:

    Killing me softly, with no words…killing me softly…

  39. Earle says:

    I’m picturing Mark Frost flipping through document after document, “These people didn’t understand any of it…”

  40. Sam says:

    -“Mark, have you finished reviewing those fan writings?”

    -“Yeah, Ill get right on that.”

  41. Maybe they loved each and every piece so much they’re working on individually contacting and contracting all the authors, and are about to publish it all in a well-edited anthology.

    Yeah, I wish. 😀

  42. Honestly I feel so honored that Mark even read my work at this point that as someone who wants to pursue a career in writing and film I’m deeply humbled to have had this opportunity at all. The stars turn and a time presents itself.

  43. Lonely Soul says:

    Now it’s March.

  44. Malcolm Sloan says:

    Assuming this isn’t happening anymore. It was a nice idea though.

  45. Mary says:

    If the finalists are not revealed within the next month or two couldn’t you guys at WtTP post all 80 files to this site? I for one am not so interested in winning as I am reading what others wrote.

    • Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

      While I don’t have any reason to believe the finalists won’t be revealed sooner than that, there were so many amazing entries that I think every week, once a week, one of them should be published on “Fan Fiction Friday.”

      • Mary says:

        That’s a, excuse me, damn fine idea! Now we all have something to look forward to. 🙂

      • Jack Dean says:


        Love the Idea, but I think we should keep them anonymous until the voting is over.

        Just my 2 out of 5 senses…

        • Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

          You mean the finalists should remain anonymous during the voting period?

          • Jack Dean says:

            OH I just assumed that they would be, so people would vote on what they read and not based on a personal connection. Maybe I assumed incorrectly. I mean I guess finalists can always lobby for votes if they wish, can’t do anything about that. I was asserting that the Fan Friction Friday posts should be anonymous so people don’t get a head start on recognition, it is once again, a silly idea because people can just tell everyone whose Fan Fiction post it is, right? So basically never mind, you can’t do anything but post them and let the chips fall where they may. But you can get this thing underway so we don’t all die from anticipation.

      • kami says:

        Yes! This is a brilliant idea!

      • Paul says:

        Did you decide against this idea?

  46. Mrs Dougie Jones says:

    If people would be more comfortable being anonymous then I second the idea. Just so long as we get the stories out there lol

    • Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

      I believe people should be instantly credited for their work and be proud of it!

      Know that I’m with all of you, watching my inbox like a Hawk for Mr. Frost’s final selection!

  47. A Lean Man's Shadow says:

    It’s Friday… We’ll we see one posted today or will it start next week?

  48. Another question: Would you be posting a new blogpost when the finalists are revealed, or will you simply edit this one?

  49. Lonely Soul says:

    Hello, Johnny. How are you today?

  50. Earle says:

    that wait tho

  51. Mrs Dougie Jones says:

    At this point even the log is more vocal than Mark or the admin of this blog.
    I get that silence, like Dr Amp’s shovels, is golden but sometimes it’s almost as bad as sleep deprivation; a one way ticket to psychosis.

  52. Malcolm Sloan says:

    Aaaand… now this has been buried on the blog’s page two.

  53. Jack Dean says:


    It seems like you are going to have to do this yourself (probably something you are used too) as it just isn’t happening. Hey, it’s cool, you pick the finalists, run the contest and your members pick the winner. At the same time Mark can be signing his autograph on the cover and then you will both be ready by April or May.


  54. Malcolm Sloan says:

    ^ I second this. While it’s nice that Mark agreed to participate – and we all know he’s probably got other stuff he needs to do – the time when the finalists should have been announced was at least 23 days ago (rules stated simply “February 2018”). The entries have been in since December 23! I’d think three months is more than enough time to read through the entries and pick three of them. Mark’s a cool dude, but we need to move on.

  55. Earle says:

    Wrong. Wait for Mark.


  56. Avatar photo Pieter Dom says:

    It sure is quiet in Ghostwood.

    But I SWEAR I can hear a dog barking…

  57. Malcolm Sloan says:

    Mark must be covered in molasses somewhere.

  58. Lolo says:

    Ah, there’s the toxicity.

  59. Mary says:

    It’s a silly little contest; let’s not get worked up over it. Mark Frost is awesome, and we should be grateful he’s agreed to take part in it. The results are taking longer than expected because there were a lot of entries, but if we’ve learned anything from The Return, it should be patient acceptance.

  60. Malcolm Sloan says:

    Now it’s April.

  61. Yes, it’s April – but what year is this?! Surely not 25 further years later… yet? 🙂 😮

  62. Earle says:

    Yeahhh, maybe some kind of updated ETA miiiiight be nice, I mean…

  63. kami says:

    please please please give us some word

  64. Lolo says:

    You’re not even going to tell me what he said!?

  65. MWM says:

    ::slowly walks away from this thread … turns around to look at it… stares a moment… screams the lights out::

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