The Fan Dossier: Write The Compelling Backstory Of Any Twin Peaks Character

Remember “the official version?”

Now it’s time for yours.

Become an FBI Special Agent and, like Tamara Preston, author your own file on ANY Twin Peaks character.

In minimum 200 words and not longer than two pages, tell the dramatic or humorous story of a Twin Peaks character of your choice that hasn’t been elaborated on recently. For example, imagine what the Roadhouse singer has been up to for 25 years, what happened to Laura Palmer’s high school teacher after the pilot, or whatever came of Bookhouse Boy Joey Paulson.

You’re free to include images and documents, just like in Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks and The Final Dossier.

  • E-mail one entry to deputydirectorgordon[email protected] (PDFs allowed)
  • Deadline: December 23, 2017
  • Welcome to Twin Peaks will present 3 finalists nominated by Mark Frost
  • A public voting round ending at noon on 4/13/2018 will decide on the winner

UPDATE: We truly appreciate your patience. The finalists have been announced!

The grand prize is an exclusive framed book jacket of The Final Dossier autographed by Mark Frost and courtesy of Flatiron Books. Runners-up will receive a signed The Secret History of Twin Peaks tote bag.

Good luck and most of all, have fun!

Grand Prize: The Final Dossier book jacket autographed by Mark Frost

Mark Frost - The Final Dossier autographed book jacket

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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    Serious question #1: the title and examples say “ignored” character, the post says “any”. Which is it? If it’s limited to secondary characters, where do we draw the line? Candie, Phillip Jeffries, Albert Rosenfield, Emmett Cooper: would any of them count?

    Serious question #2: what’s a reasonable maximum word length? Or the entry is valid as long as it fits in two pages?

    Not serious question: why do Mark Frost’s release dates and now deadlines always fall on the most inconvenient combinations with the schedule of the biggest yearly fanfiction event… is it an Illuminati conspiracy… two years I’ve suffered…

  2. Serious answer #1: Basically any character we hardly know anything about. I’d say that includes Albert.

    Serious answer #2: There’s no hard limit. Keeping it under a 1000 words will just significantly help the review process.

    Can’t wait to read your entry!

    PS: Don’t blame Mark for that deadline!

    • Thank you for the quick and exhaustive answer! Mark’s only fault is that he created too many amazing characters, hah, my first shortlist narrows it down to 84, for 19 of whom I’d already have some applicable idea or headcanon ? It’s gonna be a blast! It’s already a blast, throwing around ideas with some friends who are also participating has been so much fun today. Are we going to be able to read all entries at some point? Definitely looking forward to reading the three finalists at least!

  3. Great idea and I’d love to participate, but the deadline is a bit short-termed.
    I’m sure you’ve had sound reasons for chosing that timeframe, but maybe consider prolonging it.

  4. Thank you so much for this contest! It’s really got my creative juices flowing!

    However, in keeping with the spirit of the two dossiers, I wrote mine from the perspective of Tammy Preston, before seeing your clarification in the comments here. I suppose it could be “me” as an FBI agent, who just so happened to go to the same university and have knowledge of the incident in the Sheriff’s station. I hope that’s okay!

  5. Welcome to Twin Peaks, if you don’t plan on making all of the entries available for the public to read then might I suggest that all the people who have written files upload them on AO3. It would be great if the forces behind this site could broadcast this idea. All the files could all be part of a collection that way! A fan created dossier. I really can’t stand the thought of not being able to read them all.

  6. Would it be possible to get a status report?
    Something like how many were submitted, expected date of the final 3, how long you will run the contest here for people to vote etc etc.
    The post says January so I did my best to wait until today before I started asking questions *eg*


  7. If the finalists are not revealed within the next month or two couldn’t you guys at WtTP post all 80 files to this site? I for one am not so interested in winning as I am reading what others wrote.

  8. At this point even the log is more vocal than Mark or the admin of this blog.
    I get that silence, like Dr Amp’s shovels, is golden but sometimes it’s almost as bad as sleep deprivation; a one way ticket to psychosis.

  9. Pieter,

    It seems like you are going to have to do this yourself (probably something you are used too) as it just isn’t happening. Hey, it’s cool, you pick the finalists, run the contest and your members pick the winner. At the same time Mark can be signing his autograph on the cover and then you will both be ready by April or May.


  10. ^ I second this. While it’s nice that Mark agreed to participate – and we all know he’s probably got other stuff he needs to do – the time when the finalists should have been announced was at least 23 days ago (rules stated simply “February 2018”). The entries have been in since December 23! I’d think three months is more than enough time to read through the entries and pick three of them. Mark’s a cool dude, but we need to move on.

  11. It’s a silly little contest; let’s not get worked up over it. Mark Frost is awesome, and we should be grateful he’s agreed to take part in it. The results are taking longer than expected because there were a lot of entries, but if we’ve learned anything from The Return, it should be patient acceptance.