Odds And Ends Volume 3 Available From

Odds and Ends Vol. 3 has recently been added to the Twin Peaks Archive at The $2.99 bundle includes the following six tracks:
  1. Love Theme (Light)
  2. Wheeler’s Theme (TK 2)
  3. Solo Percussion 4
  4. Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2 Clean) *partial
  5. Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals)
  6. You Killed Mike

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Volume 3 of Odds and Ends presents a number of remaining rarities as well as partial tracks. Easily Grady Tate’s most enjoyable solo percussion artifact: ‘Solo Percussion 4’ (also known as ‘Grady Solo Ride’) finally joins the series of solo drum stems previously released by the archive. Similarly, ‘Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals)’ is included, giving spotlighted showcase to Grady’s cymbal array – in particular his signature sizzle cymbal used so prominently throughout the show’s music. Sadly, only a partially complete recording of ‘Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2 Clean)’ was located amidst the contents of the archive… Tape starts are included on both ‘Version 2 Clean’ and ‘Love Theme (Light)’ to indicate the absolute beginnings of the ‘as-is’ recordings discovered. Lastly, a second take (take 2) of ‘Wheeler’s Theme’ is included as well as the FWWM cue ‘You Killed Mike.’ ‘You Killed Mike’ is also partial in nature as it is extracted from the film’s music stem and therefore unavoidably combined with ‘Night Bells.’ The original recording was not able to be located for release.

Thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

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