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7 New Year’s Wishes For 2014 From Twin Peaks Cast And Crew

Leo Johnson: "New year!"Here’s an overview of all the 2014 “Happy New Year” tweets sent out by Twin Peaks cast and crew members in recent days.

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Mark Frost

Is Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost hinting at the upcoming Twin Peaks Blu-ray release? Probably not. Or is he?

Kyle MacLachlan

After feeling peaksy on a rainy day before, Kyle MacLachlan was enjoying the last sunset of 2013 in Santa Monica, CA.

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan‘s Christmas tree is the star of the actor’s HNY tweet.

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer shows Albert Rosenfield’s softer side. “The foundation of such a method… is love.

Mädchen Amick

New Year’s greetings from recent Twitter convert, Mädchen Amick.

Jennifer Lynch

Jen Lynch, author of The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer, kicks off 2014 working on something new.

Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt, who played Gersten Hayward, links to a New Year’s eve blog post, which she concludes with: “i hope 2014 is a beautiful year for all of you. here’s to It!!

Chris Mulkey

UPDATE: The actor who portrayed Hank Jennings sends his New Year’s wishes from South California.

David Lynch

UPDATE: Here it is…

That’s it so far. Nothing from @DAVID_LYNCH yet —it usually takes him a few days to wish his Twitter friends a happy new year— but I took the liberty of turning one of the director’s previous New Year’s tweets into a shareable image:

"Keep your eye on the donut, not the hole" —David Lynch

And here’s my New Year’s tweet, with the help of sweet-voiced Leland Palmer:

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7 New Year's Wishes For 2014 From Twin Peaks Cast And Crew

Twin Peaks cast and crew members wishing you a "Happy New Year" for 2014 on Twitter.

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