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Crazy Clown Time Directed By David Lynch: “This Is NOT A Fun Night!” (Video)

David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time
In the official 7-minute video for Crazy Clown Time directed by David Lynch himself, Molly, Susie, Danny, Bobby, Buddy and Timmy go a little berserk in the backyard. It is exactly the scenario you envision when you listen to the the title track of David Lynch’s debut solo album: the kind of after-party Frank Booth would throw after a joyride to The Pink Room with Bobby Peru.

This is NOT a fun night.
—David Lynch

NSFW, as you probably guess.

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

The Making of the Crazy Clown Time video

A short yet satisfying peek behind the scenes of the David Lynch-directed Crazy Clown Time video.

You’re gonna set your hair on fire. And we’ll talk about it.

BONUS: David Lynch on “Clowns” and “Partying”

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Crazy Clown Time Video Directed By David Lynch

Crazy Clown Time is the kind of after-party Frank Booth would throw after a joyride to The Pink Room. Watch the David Lynch-directed video and making of.