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“Diane... Entering the town of Twin Peaks.”

Hunt For Clues In This Brand New Video Teaser For Mark Frost’s “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks” Book

Mark Frost's upcoming Twin Peaks book gets an official teaser trailer and it's filled with SECRETS!
This post was published a while ago. Please keep its age in mind and if you find any errors, feel free to comment.

A memo from Gordon Cole dated August 4, 2016, a 1969 postcard from Norma, a 1947 physician’s intake exam of a patient called… Margaret Coulson! The world of Twin Peaks just expanded a little thanks to this brand new teaser for Mark Frost’s upcoming novel.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work on this thing —time is of the essence— and get back to me with your findings ASAP.

We have a lot to discuss, folks! What have you spotted?

Pre-order The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Amazon/Book Depository). And check this previous post for more information regarding the contents of the book.

UPDATE: Here are the dates and locations for Mark Frost’s North American book tour. More events to be added as they are booked.

  • NYC on October 20th at the Barnes & Noble, Union Square.
  • MINNEAPOLIS on October 22th at Magers & Quinn.
  • LOS ANGELES on October 24th at The Last Bookstore.
  • SAN FRANCISCO on October 25th at The Booksmith (at the Roxie Theater).
  • PORTLAND on October 27th at Powell’s Burnside.
  • SEATTLE on October 29th at Elliott Bay Book Company.
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What's your response to this?


  1. ross says:

    1. Shame about the date being 2016. Was really hoping for 2014. Oh well.

    2. If Norma’s parents’ last name is Lindstrom, where does Blackburn come in?

    3. The Log Lady’s maiden name appears to be Coulson, which is nice. But that tattoo is actually Major Briggs’ tattoo, NOT Margaret’s.

    • Jubel says:

      I think the “see you again in 25 years” is really between Laura (or her double/MFAP’s “cousin”) and Cooper. The show– and especially this book, which is a dossier of material no doubt collected over an extensive amount of time– may very well be set in a different year. I personally have never seen that 25 years as referring to the air dates of the shows.

    • Erik says:

      2. Half-sisters perhaps? Annie seems a fair bit younger than Norma so it makes sense that they would have different fathers right?

    • Erik U says:

      It seems to me that Lynch/Frost have decided to retcon the continuity, and that the events of Twin Peaks the series and FWWM took place in 1991, not 1989. :-/ (about retcon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroactive_continuity )

  2. MDC says:

    Looks like Cooper is no longer working for the FBI.

    • Troy Pacelli says:

      Or, at least, no longer working under Gordon. But … yeah, it will be interesting to see what happened to Dale.

  3. genosias says:

    At 0:21 on the left page, i can’t read the name before Bob, is that Denver? Denver Bob?
    And who is T_____ P______? It can’t be Twin Peaks, it’s looks like a name.
    I suppose the UFO report are from the bluebook project but what’s the connection with Douglas Milford, the mayor’s brother?

    Ok, i want that book.

  4. Amanda says:

    there is a hair in the coffee….?

    • Troy Pacelli says:

      Probably not an important clue, but also probably intentional. I saw that, too.

    • zen guerrilla says:

      i didn’t see a hair, and i watched several times, but i saw coffee grounds floating.

    • Mysteries Abound says:

      …in the shape of the mathematical symbol for infinity

  5. Here’s hoping you can reach out to Mark Frost and make sure they modify that symbol for the Log Lady’s tattoo. They’ve got it mixed with Major Briggs. Kinda important that it be fixed before the book ships to the printer.

    • Troy Pacelli says:

      If not, there can either be a work-around explanation, or (assuming it is a mistake and not something intentional) a subsequent acknowledgement or errata.

    • James says:

      The book is already printed. If anything is mixed up its been done intentionally. The tattoo was actually a burn mark so it would fade and could be in different places.

    • Gruff says:

      Too late – copies of the book have already been circulated.

  6. josh says:

    Do you think that last document about agent cooper is out first introduction to the main character in the new twin peaks?

    • genosias says:

      I think it is. and, again, the name is hidden.

    • Troy Pacelli says:

      I thought it might be, but I also thought that might be intended to draw you, the viewer/reader, in as though YOU are the agent on the case. Actually, how cool would it be if the whole show was filmed as though it was a first person experience?

  7. Christian Hartleben says:

    “…Curtis took this photograph of Joseph in Seattle in 1903.”


  8. Dueñas Cooper says:

    I have one doub; as said before, the tatoo which appears in the paper is the one that Major Briggs had, not the one Lady Log had, but rewatching the document, Catherine only was 7 years. In the series, she said that her tatoo (the jagged one) appeared the night her husband died, much after she was 7. So, o you think it might be possible that se had this one (the “radioactive” one) and then it dissapeared?

    • genosias says:

      I just re watch the episode, she say she was 7 years old.

      • Dueñas Cooper says:

        Ok, i’ve just seen the whole scene. I was confused. In that case it’s a big continuity mistake. Let’s see if it has a logical explanation, maybe in the book is explained and it has sense

  9. Gabe says:

    Probably best not to hope for perfect continuity between the original show and this one.

  10. Kell Brigan says:

    I love this trailer. Whomever did the work on the ephemera did an incredible job!!!
    Snoqualmie’s zip code on the package’s return address (ha). The “real” TP zip code would be 99153 or 99157.

    Sender: Txxxxx Pxxxxxx

    Gordon Cole’s been promoted to Deputy Director. Congrats.

    Miners report BlairWitchy stuff going on in the woods…

    Yeah, that’s not coffee. Surface tension is too high. Either it’s not coffee or it’s about a month old (ew).

    Dougie Milford’s car: http://tinyurl.com/goccxf4
    So that’s how he gets all the babes. Dude paid cash. That was a lot of lettuce in 1947.


    Poor Margaret/Maggie. (Born in 1933, so ~57 when we meet her in Season One. Hm. Thought she was younger.) More on her’s and Garland Briggs’ tattooes.

    Dougie again. He, like many people, voluntarily enlisted in the military the day after Pearl Harbor at age 32. (In Season Two, he is 81.) Air Force? Planes? More UFOs??? The Milfords are Roman Catholic. (That explains the loud fighting <<<JOKE, PEOPLE.) Living in San Francisco at the time. Lists no next of kin, so this is after the split from Dwayne/family. No tattoos.

    "Hollywood" postcard, postmarked from Hollywood, California, April 17, 1969. Hi Mom and Dad from beautiful downtown Burbank! (ha-ha)
    [This was a frequent joke on the Tonight Show and also "Laugh In" (both NBC) at the time, i.e. Hollywood is glamorous, but Burbank — not so much.] Los Angeles is so much fun! We took a movie studio tour today — Hank wanted me to take a fake "screen test" but I was too shy. Then he somehow got us tickets to The Tonight Show! Johnny Carson is so funny and handsome! Sammy David Junior was on he show and he sang and danced and told funny stories about his friends, and so was this really funny overweight actor named Victor Buono who read some of his hilarious poems! We're having so much fun! Lots of love. Norma (and Hank)

    THE log. What's up with all the moss? Has it been hidden/lost outdoors?

    Memo from Gordon Cole, probably to our protagonist, a female FBI agent. Yes, those gloved hands look female to me…

    • Gruff says:

      Margaret’s date of birth is 1940, according to the report – the report itself is dated “1947”.

  11. laura says:

    typo i think. in gordon’s letter. supposed to be northeast washington, not northwest.

  12. Nisl0n says:

    I read somewhere that there’s a hint in the video that Cooper is still missing, like Agent Jeffries back then. Is there any proof I missed? I need an exact source for my bachelor thesis.

    • Nisl0n says:

      I found it now!

      • Dueñas Cooper says:

        Could you tell me where it is?

        • Gruff says:

          The memo from Gordon Cole at the very end implies that Cooper is no longer around, hence his files are being given to another FBI Agent.

  13. Yuri says:

    I posted this on facebook and would like to share it here as well:

    The box at the begining is “from” Gordon “to” T—— P—– in Twin Peaks and dates August 3. But his memo (dated August 4) says “the enclosed doissier was recovered on 7-17-2016 from a crime scene..” and “we need you to learn and verify the person or persons responsible…”

    So.. If I understood correctly… there was a crime on July 7, the police found the “enclosed dossier” and called FBI because Gordon’s name is written. There is a future date (aug 3) on the box. The FBI opens and investigates. Weeks later, on the next day of the box’s date (aug 4) Gordon send its contents to someone (a new agent) to learn who gathered that material and why someone was sending it to T– P— using Gordon’s name.

    • housedoc says:

      Not necessarily. The letter from Cole (the “interoffice memorandum”) could have been e-mailed or faxed on August 4th, separately from the package, on the date when the package would reach the recipient (Agent “TP”).

  14. Diane says:

    What if they are talking about the events that occurred when Margaret was seven? And what if she has the same tattoo Major Briggs has but they never disclosed it to viewers until now?

    • Gruff says:

      This is exactly what I’m thinking. Everyone says, “Oh, it’s not the tattoo we’ve seen on her previously” and they point out the continuity error… but what if it’s simply a different marking?

  15. Mysteries Abound says:

    The log looks like the mask of the jumping man. The heyoka. Pinocchio.

  16. K26dp says:

    Any clue what the sound is that’s playing through the video. At first I thought is may be a circular saw, but it gets too shrill I think. It’s broken at the end by the sound of (I think) a copy machine.

  17. Henry says:

    I’m thinking there will be 2 Coops as we saw in the Lodge 25 years ago. One that escaped who will be BOB and the other Coop (the real one) who is still trapped but may finally get out at some point. I think Laura Palmer will let him out when she sees him again in 25. Don’t be surprised to see 2 Coops in this series. FWWM basically showed us the good Dale in Lodge trapped. they have already told us he’s in there. As for the Dossier. Diane (Laura Dern) had all the tapes Cooper provided. Also I think Sheryl Lee will play another cousin maybe with red hair? Leland will be the new BOB or Eddie Vedder possibly simply recasting BOB. Kyle Machlachlan gets the Emmy for 2 roles. Book it

    • mark says:

      at first glance, i don’t really like the idea of diane being in the town of twin peaks. i always liked that we never really saw her. given that however, laura dern would be old enough for that part, and of course laura dern is always good no matter what she does, so if there has to be a diane, she would be a good choice. i, too, was hoping for two coopers…that would be a great double dose both of cooper and of kyle maclachlan. agreed about sheryl lee too…i am imagining at the very least two roles for her, which is also great!

      • HENRY says:

        She doesn’t necessarily have to be in the town. Maybe maybe not. She could be in Philadelphia. Might be the largest cast ever so I’m not sure how much screen time each can get anyway so who knows if Diane even gets a large role.

        • mark says:

          yes, you’re right, my bad…i was somehow blending your thoughts with another post that speculated that not only would laura dern be diane, but that diane would also be the main f.b.i. presence in the series. i always had imagined if they ever showed diane, that she would be kind of like the character of “sam”, the secretary in the old sixties private eye show, “richard diamond”‘ where all you ever saw of her was her legs and heard her voice.
          yes, the cast is huge, and has a lot of new performers to the series who i am looking forward to seeing in the lynch/frost universe, like one of my favorite actresses, candy clark, for instance. but i am hoping i don’t fall into “cameo spotting” at my own own expense. thanks for the clarification. cheers!

          • Henry says:

            Completely agree with you. Maybe would be nice if she was still a mystery but I read part of the reason they are doing this is to solve the mystery. Now they get a chance to end the series, really end it. How it turns out is beyond me. Here’s hoping to a Spring not summer release. Are they splitting the 18 episodes into 2 seasons?

  18. mark says:

    yes i think i heard or read an interveiw w/ mark frost where he said viewers would be more satisfied with the resolution in the new series. considering that the way they “resolved” mysteries in the nineties’ series always resulted in opening up an even bigger mystery, this could mean a real resolution to some of the bigger questions about the storyline. it doesn’t matter so much to me though, i have a lot of admiration ( as probably all the people here do) for both frost and lynch, as writers and filmmakers, and i have never been bothered by open-ended storylines. i kind of enjoy having those loose ends to ponder.
    18 episodes is the rumour i have heard, so i will be surprised if showtime doesn’t try to pull at least 2 seasons out of it.

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