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John Malkovich Becomes The Log Lady, Dale Cooper, And Other David Lynch Characters In “Psychogenic Fugue” Film

Psychogenic Fugue stars John Malkovich as David Lynch and 7 of his characters, including Dale Cooper and the Log Lady. Donate to the David Lynch Foundation to watch a full length director's cut of the film.
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After eight days of surreal cinemagraphs and hidden clues leading to David Lynch-themed micro-sites, the mysterious PlayingLynch.com countdown has finally reached zero, revealing the David Lynch Foundation‘s latest fundraiser. One specifically with David Lynch fans in mind.

David Lynch - John Malkovich - Psychogenic Fugue / Playing Lynch

And John Malkovich fans.

In Psychogenic Fugue, the 62-year-old American actor plays David Lynch and 7 of his movie characters from The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Twin Peaks. The 20-minute director’s cut in which you’ll see John Malkovich as John Merrick, Henry Spencer, Lady in the Radiator, Mystery Man, Frank Booth, Dale Cooper and the Log Lady, can be accessed in return for a $10 donation to the David Lynch Foundation. A $25 donation gets you the film plus a collector’s pack of limited-issue Sandro prints of John Malkovich turned into these iconic characters, as well as an uncompressed digital download of The Music of David Lynch, a live recording of the 2015 David Lynch tribute concert featuring Duran Duran, Moby, Jim James, Sky Ferreira and many others “playing Lynch.” Previously only released on vinyl and a CD extra with Beyond the Beyond (Amazon), there’s now an additional way to enjoy these incredible interpretations. If you only want the music, a $5 donation will do. But seriously, who can resist John Malkovich as The Log Lady?

Go to PlayingLynch.com and support the David Lynch Foundation!

Log Lady - John Malkovich - Psychogenic Fugue / Playing Lynch

In 2006, David Lynch founded the David Lynch Foundation to bring Transcendental Meditation into the lives of those who could use it most. Since then, the foundation has brought the scientifically proven psychological benefits of TM into prisons, low income schools and the homes of veterans with PTSD. In April 2015, musicians such as The Flaming Lips, Karen O and Jim James performed a one-night-only tribute to the music from Lynch’s films, to raise money for the DLF. Now, you can donate to download a live recording of The Music of David Lynch, as well as the full length high-quality director’s cut of the film featuring John Malkovich playing Lynch, Psychogenic Fugue, and finally, a collectors’ edition of 8 John Malkovich portraits playing Lynch for photographer Sandro. Your proceeds will help the DLF brighten even more lives.

Through his life’s work, David Lynch has beckoned us to look below the surface, to discover new worlds. For those of us who have followed him down the rabbit hole, Squarespace is hosting Playing Lynch. Here, world-class artists and musicians offer their own interpretations of Lynch’s work, all to benefit the David Lynch Foundation. It’s their opportunity to do to Lynch’s world what he has done to ours for so long: show it in a new light to reveal a whole new realm of possibilities. Consider it returning the favor.

John Malkovich as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

John Malkovich as The Log Lady / Margaret Lanterman

More videos to be revealed in the next 7 days! Watch this space and @DAVID_LYNCH on Twitter.

Psychogenic Fugue starring John Malkovich

Dive within.

Psychogenic Fugue starring John Malkovich

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  1. twoems says:

    Cool! Do you know if the digital download of the music is in mp3 or flac?

    • They’re actually in uncompressed .wav, making them very big, but you could easily convert them.

      • Odd, i got mp3s. but without any meta data, forcing me to dig out the artist names and do all the tagging myself after adding them to iTunes. Strill great album.

  2. HairyLocke says:

    Malkovich Malkovich MALKOVICH malkovich Malkovich

  3. Ignacio says:

    US shipping only??? why?

    • Jason says:

      What is this? The fifteenth century or something? There is a world outside the US, and you can post stuff to it. Come on.

  4. SEF says:

    And why isn’t the site secure? Plugging your credit card info into a regular http site is so dangerous.

    • FRANK says:

      The part of the webpage where you payment details go is secure – it’s in a frame which points to an https site. In Safari I was able to right click and open that bit of the page in a new tab which showed me the web part on its own and its credentials. The site owners should probably make this a bit clearer.

  5. Phil Adams says:

    Funny thing is the Frank Booth clip on the website starts with him listening to a woman singing a version of “Blue Velvet” over the radio but in the version that is in the actual film you download the song is “In Dreams”. Otherwise the two are identical. I wonder why the change?

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