Permanent “Welcome To Twin Peaks” Town Sign Installed At Original Snoqualmie Filming Location

The City of Snoqualmie has installed a permanent Welcome to Twin Peaks town sign at approximately 41471 SE Reinig Rd in Snoqualmie, WA, which is the backroad where David Lynch planted a similar fictional sign back in February 1989 to shoot Dale Cooper’s entrance into the town. Little did the original sign painter know his work would become an iconic piece of television history, and the inspiration for a permanent tribute 28 years later.

Unless they were in town around the same time as the Twin Peaks Festival, when Richard and Barbara Koefod usually and temporarily put up their own recreation of the sign, Twin Peaks fans visiting Snoqualmie had to imagine it, bring a print-out or their own portable version.

Starting yesterday, in celebration of the city’s involvement in the return, the official filming location has been clearly marked with the artwork of Sally Rackets, who’s with the Snoqualmie Arts Commission and the Art Gallery of SnoValley. I’m sure the owls are watching over it, but let’s hope it will last forever.

UPDATE (6/22): The sign is currently undergoing repairs after being damaged.

Welcome to Twin Peaks town sign in Snoqualmie, WA (Photo: Don Detrick)
Welcome to Twin Peaks town sign in Snoqualmie, WA (Photo: Don Detrick)

Not too far from the town sign, the DirtFish Rally School also has a treat for fans visiting the filming location for the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department.

Now if only Twede’s Cafe would add the “RR” neon panel to their outdoor signage…

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Why are people so rude and have no issue with ruining it for everyone? The sign has already been stolen, smh.

  2. Sign was stolen but recovered .. I don’t know if they plan on putting it back up.. A couple of teenagers stole it… Punks

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