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Lonely Soup Day Shoots Music Video At 13 Twin Peaks Locations

Australian band Lonely Soup Day shot their debut music video in and around 13 Twin Peaks locations, including the Double R Diner, The Great Northern hotel, and one location they had to build from scratch.
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Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Creamed corn

When singer Molly Kerr and musician Christopher Kenworthy visited North Bend and Snoqualmie, WA in 2013 —like most Twin Peaks fans— they immediately fell in love with the area and felt the place was “begging to be filmed again.” So a few months ago, Lonely Soup Day set out to the Pacific Northwest for two days to shoot the video for their debut single, Line of Sight, in and around a dozen of Twin Peaks filming locations including the Salish Lodge & Spa and Twede’s Cafe.

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: The Great Northern hotel

I’d always wondered what would have happened in Twin Peaks if the magic had carried on,” Christopher, one half of Lonely Soup Day, tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. “We tried to come up with a story about a young woman who tries to solve a mystery, but stumbles into a place between the two worlds.” One iconic Twin Peaks location, however, you won’t find in Washington State’s King County. “We had to build the [above the] convenience store scene from scratch, and that was the most expensive and time-consuming part.

Like the rest of the world, little did the Australian band know Mark Frost and David Lynch would announce the show’s comeback several weeks later. Christopher’s first reaction: “We couldn’t have picked a better week to premiere our video here. Really happy to give people a little bit of Twin Peaks to watch before 2016.

Premiere: Lonely Soup Day – Line of Sight (Video)

Let’s see if you can name all the Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me filming locations they used? Best watched full screen.

Lonely Soup Day formed two years ago in Perth, Australia and makes acoustic folk rock songs. Their debut EP, Inside This Golden Café will be released in late 2014.

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Laura Palmer's house


Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Trees & Mist

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Creamed corn

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Above the convenience store

Lonely Soup Day - Line of Sight: Above the convenience store

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  1. Farah says:

    Cool! And nice hands holding that creamed corn.

  2. Sunny says:

    That is really weird.

    Okay, I’m gonna visit Twin Peaks & make my own video.

  3. Norton says:

    My log doesn’t mean to sound negative so first I am going to give credit where credit is due. This video looks great and the music is also great. However, I don’t like the end result. On paper I think anything Lynch influenced is a step in the right direction. And that being said, I can see someone liking this even if they aren’t a fan of the show. But personally I’m really picky about things that I like, especially multimedia that I feel strongly about.

    I think the guitar tone was the most Twin Peaks sounding part of the song. BUT I didn’t like it because it didn’t give me the unsettling feeling that permeates Twin Peaks and the majority of David Lynch’s work. In my opinion, the payoff and catharsis in these movies is almost 100% reliant on the feeling of uncomfortable.

    You might argue that much of the music is quite beautiful and relaxing, not dissimilar to the vibe of this tune. However, those songs are STILL 100% crucial to the underlying themes and foundation of the show’s plot.

    I am not trying to be offensive by any means, and I’m not saying any of this was a shitty job, conversely I applaud both the music and the video for being really well done to the most of its potential from writing/recording/story boarding/filming.

    All I’m saying is that I think there are other bands who have made music and music videos that were much more of a direct lynch homage without being this literal with its recreation of Twin Peaks scenes. The new Radiohead video, (at the very end of the song) daydreaming is a great example of this. The Mars Volta on Frances The Mute had a really bold and similarly enigmatic concept album which Cedric name dropped David Lynch in the interviews about that album.

    Those bands have both received relatively mainstream exposure BUT

    A much less globally famous “indie” band who I think do Lynch Homage the best, and I think they knock it out of the park compared to The Mars Volta and Radiohead combined is Animal Collective.

    If you watch their “visual album” from 2010, Oddsac, you’ll see what I mean:
    1. Creating surrealistic horror by utilizing the mundane
    Trailer Parks, Southern Accents, and General Americana visual elements that seem pulled directly from Lynch
    2. Making a shoestring budget work better than throwing money at a problem
    Used by Lynch to the Nth degree in Rabbits, both films have an “art film schizophrenic” feel to them that I think is equal parts jarring and exciting
    3. Focusing more on sonic textures than melody, instrumentation, and lyrics
    Animal Collective is a hard band to describe but “Noise” is a word that is used often when described in the press or reviews elsewhere. Noting David Lynch’s fondness for the industrial revolution which is also a big part of his films: electricity, machinery, etc. and the ambience created by many of his sounds, the b-roll has a life of its own. For example: the ceiling fan in Twin Peaks, the owl noises, various electricity surge noises and of course the backwards talking.

    So to try to sandwich this with the good you did the backwards talking perfectly.

    Again by no means am I trying to be a downer. Again I just feel very strongly about Lynch’s work, especially Twin Peaks. And as I am attracted to his work because of its bizarre and unsettling nature, watching this video left me wanting something more or different. I’m sure as the other comments show other people are going to like this video because it was well done and a fun light hearted portrayal of Twin Peaks loaded with direct references.

    But at the same time, I also think that there will be at least one other person who didn’t like this video.

    And if you’re wondering why I’ve gone to such great lengths to explain why I didn’t like this video overall, it’s because there is a chance that one other person who felt the same way as me would read this and if they were looking for something more unsettling (I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with that word).

    I know this has the word count of a small essay and sounds really hateful and pretentious but neither of those feelings are at all intended by my words. I’m just trying to turn other Peaks fans (EVEN THE BAND THEMSELVES if they happen to read this diatribe) to new pieces of media that I think are wholly an uncanny similarity to Lynch’s style. Because I myself am constantly searching for anything remotely similar to Twin Peaks as it has the power to awaken a spiritual high that I don’t think I’ve ever felt from watching anything else in the world.

    And at the end of this I would like to point out that I am only a student of Radio/Tv/Film and Music. I am not in any of these bands, nor am I a successful musician or filmmaker. I am nothing more than a lowly dishwasher, and I wanted to end this way so even if this may come off as mildly psychotic, there are no ulterior motives to why I decided to take the time to write all this down.

    I am a huge fan of Twin Peaks and the creation of art and self expression on any level is so imporant to me that I would die defending anyone who makes art even if I don’t like it.

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