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Kyle MacLachlan Revisits The Red Room On James Corden’s Late Late Show

Last night on Late Late Show, James Corden topped Seth Meyers’ recent Twin Peaks spoof by actually putting Kyle MacLachlan, the one and only, inside the Red Room. They even talk about Judi (Dench)… backwards! Now, Agent Cooper doesn’t normally do the ‘oddly reverberating’ reversed speech in the Black Lodge, but Kyle nails it.

During the show, Kyle MacLachlan explains the odd arm movements during his love scene with Naomi Watts. Seems like we have Peter Deming to thank for those antics.

Last week on Ellen, Kyle discussed his other bed scene in the new Twin Peaks, with ex-girlfriend Laura Dern.

Watch the entire Late Late Show which aired on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

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Kyle MacLachlan Revisits The Red Room On James Corden's Late Late Show

Kyle MacLachlan also explains the arm movements during his bed scene with Naomi Watts. Thank you, Peter Deming!