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Watch David Lynch And Harry Dean Stanton’s Bar Argument Over A Tortoise In This Clip From “Lucky”

We come in alone and we’re going out alone. It’s beautiful. Alone comes from two words. “All.” “One.” It’s in the dictionary.

John Carroll Lynch’s “Lucky” starring the late Harry Dean Stanton opens in theaters across the U.S. on September 29th, and the rest of the world in the following months. Magnolia Pictures today released a clip in which the title character discusses the disappearance of Howard’s (David Lynch) pet turtle tortoise, Roosevelt.

A tortoise is an amazing creature, Lucky. They’re as noble as a king, and as kindhearted as a grandmother.

Watch the official movie trailer and follow @LuckyFilm2017 on Twitter to find out about special screenings.

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Watch David Lynch And Harry Dean Stanton's Bar Argument Over A Tortoise In This Clip From “Lucky”

Harry Dean Stanton as Lucky: “We come in alone and we're going out alone. It's beautiful.”

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