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David Lynch Returns To Kickstarter To Build A Vedic Bungalow

David Lynch returns to Kickstarter seeking funding for the design of a Vedic Bungalow.
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Soon after the incredibly successful LYNCHthree campaign on Kickstarter (the documentary got nearly 600% of what its makers originally hoped for), another David Lynch-centered project has appeared on the popular crowd-funding website. This time, David Lynch wants to build a bungalow and he needs your help.

Not just a bungalow, of course. His goal is to design a small 400 square foot modular living structure according to the architectural and planning principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda (MSV), assembled by founder of the Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  The image below is a sketch drawn by David which he calls Bungalow #2, and it is a starting point for what he would like to see his Vedic Bungalow become.

David Lynch - Bungalow #2

Toby Keeler, who manages the Kickstarter campaign, informed me that the funding will cover the cost of making Bungalow #2 comply with MSV principles. But he added that there’s room for strong, personal forms in the design of Vastu. “It’s a matter of getting a few rules and then exploring the possibilities of geometry within them – the possibilities are infinite and varied. I also am curious – and excited – to see what it may become. Vastu needs a really creative designer to demonstrate what can be done through his own voice.

Keeler, who’s been friends with David Lynch since their teens and directed the 1997 documentary Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch, will make a 5-to-10-minute video documentary showing how David incorporates the architectural principles into Bungalow #2 and develops the final color architectural rendering.  The video will be sent as an mp4 file to reward all those who contribute US $10 or more. For US $100, you will received an additional 11X17 color rendering of the Vedic Bungalow signed by David Lynch, available in a limited edition of 300.

» Back David Lynch’s Vedic Bungalow project here.

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  1. Jhon says:

    He can make new movie and have money. He will be happy and we will be happy. Or mayby he knews that next movie will be a box office disaster 🙂

  2. @DavidLynch is the coolest. Love it! David Lynch Returns To Kickstarter To Build A Vedic Bungalow http://t.co/uP9tA7Y0

  3. ladini says:

    Fabulous, simply fabulous.

    Fairfield’s TM adherents had already begun seriously adopting Maharishi’s marketing answer to Feng Shui when I re-visited the campus in early 2000.

    Some campus buildings and private homes put out signs saying “door doesn’t work” or “please use side door,” causing visitors to trample over mud, grass or improvised walkways to enter by way of small fire exits or side doors.

    Why? Because the original doorways faced South – (which every Woke Sthapatyist now realized was somehow “tamasic.”) Or whatever.

    Likewise, the lovely campus streams and ponds – once home to swans and wildlife – were drained for being on the “wrong side” of buildings. Left behind were only little “bridges to nowhere” on the marshy remains.

    There were also these odd structures erected to supposedly replicating ancient “Vedic Observatories” – not that they were necessarily all that accurate. But simply stepping up and peering thru them could supposedly give the observer some kind of spiritual buzz and oneness with the Universe.

    UNLESS, of course, you are in the midst of some personally unfavorable planetary alignment.

    Then you could be offered varied options to ward-off the karmic bad-vibes.

    One was in the form of expensive, protective gemstones to wear.

    Another, more deluxe, remedy was paying for various cleansing, Vedic Yaga rituals – all supposedly performed by “trained pundits” in far-away India.

    Whether the recipient had videos (or any other proof) that these costly, remote ceremonies of milk-doused statuary actually occurred in their name is unknown to me.

    But I am sure every customer was satisfied.
    Of that, you can always be certain….

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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