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How’s Annie: Art Inspired By Twin Peaks Season Two’s Shocking Final Scene

This post was published a while ago. Please keep its age in mind and if you find any errors, feel free to comment.

On June 10th, 1991, more than 10 million fans watched what they assumed was the grand finale to Twin Peaks. David Lynch and Mark Frost’s groundbreaking show ended the same way it started: with someone gazing into a mirror.

This time, however, an unexpected reflection left everyone in shock. An evil grin turned into a maniacal laugh. The doppelgänger’s repeated mocking of his feigned concern would be echoed among fans for the next 26 years and beyond. Just don’t ask “How’s Annie?” in front of Mark Frost should you ever find yourself in an elevator with him.

Cooper walks slowly to the bathroom and closes the door.


Cooper looks at the sink, at his personal effects, he picks up the toothbrush, squeezes some toothpaste on it and lifts it to his mouth. He holds it in front of his mouth, looks into the mirror and smiles brightly. Looking into the mirror, staring back at him, is the face of Bob.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the episode, here are 30 art pieces inspired by the genius yet horrific ending. As always, your contributions are very yrev welcome in the comments!

Jason Minor

Check out Jason’s portfolio.

Jason Minor - How's Annie?

Nic Cowan

Follow Nic on Instagram.

Nic Cowan - How's Annie?


Follow @Kakasi_2020.


Rinaldo Zoontjes

Follow Rinaldo on Instagram.

Rinaldo Zoontjes - How's Annie?


Find more of their work on Tumblr.

How's Annie Theliksor

Michal Bebenek

Follow him on Instagram.

How's Annie with Funko Pops

Kenny Routt

Check out Kenny’s website.

Kenny Routt

Patrick Edell

Visit Patrick’s portfolio.

How Is Annie Doing Tonight?

Matthew Skiff

Part of the In Dreams show at Spoke Art, this print requires 3D glasses to see Killer BOB’s reflection. Check out Thew’s website.Matthew Skiff (Beyond Life and Death)

Zad Kokar

Follow Zad on Instagram.

How's Annie? by Zad Kokar

Alex Kittle

Follow Alex on Twitter.

Twin Peaks poster by Alex Kittle

Andy Gattis

Check out Andy’s website.

Shatter - Andy Gattis

Luca C.

Check out more photos by Luca C. on Instagram.

Doppelganger by Luca C

Jon Smith

Follow Jon on Twitter.

Jon Smith: Spoiler Alert - Cooper

Mike Rubino

Find Mike on Twitter.

Twin Peaks - The Return by Mike Rubino

Dustin Benzing

Follow Dustin on Instagram.

How's Annie by Dustin Benzing (woodcut)

Ashlan Isadore McHugh

Follow Ashlan on Instagram.

When You See Me Again It Wont Be Me by Ashlan Isadore McHugh

Fiona MacPherson

Follow Fiona on Instagram.

Mirror by Fiona Macpherson

Tristan Bradshaw

Follow the tattooist here.

How's Annie tattoo by Tristan Bradshaw

Clay Rodery

Check out Clay’s portfolio.

Twin Peaks poster by Clay Rodery

Lydia Rae

Find Lydia on Instagram.

How's Annie by Lydia Rae

Lauren O’Neill

Visit Lauren’s portfolio.

How's Annie by Lauren O'Neill


Browse Uru’s DA profile.

How's Annie by Voilette Mouillard

Claire Laffar

Admire Claire’s work on Instagram.

Eight Of Swords tarot card by Claire Laffar

Scott Valine

How's Annie by Scott Valine

Sam C

Check out Sam on DeviantArt.

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Sean Doherty

Check out Sean’s surreal collages.

Sean Doherty - The Owls Are Not What They Seem


Check out many epic Twin Peaks Lego recreations by @Lynch_Bricks.How's Annie? @Lynch_Bricks

Julien Ulvoas

Available as a print here.

Black Mirror by Julien Ulvoas


Follow them on Twitter.

Toon Peaks by Ratmeaty

James Fenner

More by James here.

Between Two Worlds by James Fenner

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

What's your response to this?


  1. Robert says:

    Just awesome!!!

  2. InTwin says:

    This is a very memorable moment. It probably impresses many viewers, especially during the first viewing.

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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