David Lynch’s Beard: A Timelapse

Bye bye beardie

Anyone who caught a glimpse of any of his weather reports since January probably noticed that David Lynch started growing a beard. As with any of his “projects,” fans started speculating about the reason behind the —for the filmmaker— increasing amount of facial hair. Was he getting ready for a role in Wisteria? Was it a bet with Laura Dern? (Lynch on multiple occasions has asked the actress to do the exact opposite: going bald).

Then a couple of days ago, on June 1st, he offered us a 180-degree-look at his beard in all its glory, drawing comparisons to The Big Lebowski, Noam Chomsky, Sam Elliott, and even Gandalf.

David Lynch Beard Comments

It turned out to be one last look: in his weather report of June 2nd, poof, the beard was gone. As an homage to the five-month-old beard, Pauli Setälä created a timelapse for you to enjoy over and over again.

Now about that clean shave… is he getting ready for Wisteria? Is it a bet with Laura Dern? We’ll soon find out.

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Written by Pieter Dom

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