These Imaginary David Lynch Trading Card Wrappers Come With A Free Stick Of That Gum You Like

Here’s one for the kids! And by kids, I mean those of you who were born way before Twin Peaks aired.

Last October, illustrator Zack Wallenfang from Minneapolis started a fun project designing faux wax pack wrappers inspired by the trading cards Topps has been selling since the 1950s, packed with a sticker and a bonus stick of bubble gum. You remember, right? Now instead of obvious franchises, like G.I. Joe or Star Wars, Zack’s vintage wax pack art covers cult hit movies and highbrow television shows. Old and new. And usually all but child-friendly.

This effortlessly brings us to David Lynch‘s Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart, both of which Kyle has already turned into gum wrappers. And in honor of Kyle MacLachlan‘s birthday on February 22, he imagined a Twin Peaks pack —other than the actual Star Pics one— featuring FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Which David Lynch themed wax pack would you like to see next?

UPDATE: Some of these are now available as prints from Zack’s Etsy shop.

Twin Peaks – Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks Diane Offer! Terrific high-quality cassette recorder as shown.

Twin Peaks faux wax pack: sticker & bubble gum featuring Dale Cooper

Blue Velvet – Frank Booth

“Make mine a Pabst.”

Blue Velvet wax pack by Zack Wallenfang

Wild at Heart – Sailor

Special Snakeskin Jacket Offer!

David Lynch's Wild at Heart wax pack

NEW Lost Highway – Mystery Man

Special VHS Offer! Pry into the home of Fred & Renee as they lay oblivious in their place of slumber.

Lost Highway fake trading card wrapper
Admire the entire collection here, or check out a handful of non-David Lynch related wrappers below.

Better Call Saul

Faux TOPPS: Better Call Saul

Pulp Fiction – The Gimp

TOPPS: Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino) bubble gum and sticker wax pack wrapper

Drive – Driver

TOPPS: faux Drive chewing gum wrapper

Making A Murderer

Making a Murderer collectible cards

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