Bill Hastings’ “The Search For The Zone” Website Exists

Welcome to The Search for the Zone. Here you will find writings, links, and other bits and pieces as we find the time and inclination to post them up. This site is a journal of my (and my partner’s) fascination with multidimensional/time travel, dark matter, the afterlife, etc. We are interested in a lot of things, but these are the main topics of discussion…

Yes, just like Doc Hayward’s Skype account, Bill Hastings’ website called The Search for the Zone as mentioned in Twin Peaks Part 9 EXISTS! The domain name was only registered in November 2016, but we’ll play along and assume the Geocities-style online journal (“with occasional contributions from Heinrich Viegel”) has been online since 1997.

Head over to and come back to share your findings on the forum!

UPDATE: Some findings so far.

  • The visitor count seems to reset at some point, close to 3605. UPDATE: The counter has been turned into a countdown and it’s counting down the minutes until the day of the Twin Peaks finale (September 3rd, 2017).
  • At the bottom, click the second set of trees for a short video ad featuring Trouble’s Snake Eyes.
  • The guestbook is moderated and whoever is managing the site just approved dozens of fan entries. The new entries were removed.
  • The coordinates at the bottom of the page (44°30’44.8″N 103°49’14.6″W44.512439, -103.820707) lead to a location near Spearfish, north of Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. Click them, and you’ll see a distorted video of The Convenience Store as seen in Part 8, possibly from a driver’s perspective.

UPDATE: Someone visited these GPS coordinates!

Listen to the sounds


Around 00:19, somebody seems to be saying “help!” Is it Dougie, Bill Hastings, or someone else? And what’s that music towards the end?



This is clearly the sound you hear when the Woodsman is wandering around asking for a light.


The Search for the Zone - Twin Peaks