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Angelo Badalamenti’s Other Christmas Songs

Angelo Badalamenti - Christmas VacationUntil recently, I had no idea Angelo Badalamenti had worked on the soundtrack of a comedy I’d seen over and over again as a kid, about a year or two before I started watching Twin Peaks. But then I noticed National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in the composer’s discography, and dug up the songs Christmas Vacation Medley and Joy To The World for which he was credited in the 1989 Chevy Chase movie. So although these sound completely different, the Christmas version of the Twin Peaks theme was definitely not the maestro’s first holiday song.

A guy called John Storms even made a visualization of Badalamenti’s Joy To The World using his home’s holiday decoration and the Light-O-Rama S2 software configured with a whopping 96 channels. Best neighbor ever?

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Angelo Badalamenti's Christmas Songs

Have a listen to Angelo Badalamenti's Joy To The World and Christmas Vacation Medley.