Twin Peaks Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Wish You Had At Home

We went a bit overboard with the Christmas tree decorations at the Recspec headquarters this year.

A Very Twin Peaks ChristmasOverboard?

Nonsense! Every Twin Peaks fan in the world would want to spend Christmas with you guys!

Recspec is an Austin-based graphic and web design studio headed by Laurel Barickman and David Milner. Obviously, they’re both huge David Lynch and Twin Peaks fans. “It was a lot of work,” Laurel said, “and all I’m really hoping for is to make a few people smile. Then it’s worth it!

Do you have any Twin Peaks-themed decorations in your Douglas fir this year?

A Very Twin Peaks Christmas

A Very Twin Peaks Christmas

Twin Peaks Christmas: Welcome to Twin Peaks sign
Welcome to A Very Twin Peaks Christmas! Notice the faux fireplace in the back?
Christmas with the Palmers
Christmas with the Palmers.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Glastonberry Grove
Is that Glastonberry Grove as a Christmas tree decoration? Why, yes it is!
Annie Blackburn tree ornament
How’s it hanging, Annie?
Twin Peaks Christmas: Mar-T mug gift
A Double R mug and donuts for Santa.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Killer Bob ornament
A Killer Bob Christmas tree ornament? Yes, please!
Twin Peaks Christmas: Books for the Bookhouse Boys
Books on buddhism for the Bookhouse Boys.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Donut ornament
A yummy donut ornament.
Twin Peaks Christmas Tree
O Douglas Fir, O Douglas Fir…
Twin Peaks Christmas: Hank's domino
Hank’s domino. Or at least one of them.
Twin Peaks Christmas: One-Eyed Jack's tree topper
A One-Eyed Jack’s tree topper.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Pierre's mask ornament
Pierre Tremond’s mask ornament.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Leo Johnson's truck and The Log Lady's log
Margaret gets a new log and Leo gets a new truck. Wonder if Santa’s also bringing him the new shoes he asked for?
Twin Peaks Christmas: Man from Another Place
The Man from Another Place is also invited.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Leland's golf club and Cooper's pie
A new golf club for Leland. Cherry pie for Coop.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Owl ornament
A no-brainer for every Twin Peaks themed X-mas tree: the owl ornament.
Twin Peaks Christmas: Dear Diane
Play it again, Diane!

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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