David Lynch in Four Movements, A Tribute

As a tribute to one of his favorite directors, Richard Vezina from Montreal created a marvelous 20-minute video montage of David Lynch‘s films.

David Lynch tributeI created this personal tribute to David Lynch’s movies a long time ago and never pubished it before. In order to cover all his films, I recently added scenes from Inland Empire. I wish to share this video with David Lynch’s fans and other cinephiles.

There are four movements in his tribute, based on songs by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch with Julee Cruise on vocals.

  1. Questions In A World Of Blue
  2. The Pink Room
  3. Into The Night
  4. Mysteries of Love

So if you have twenty minutes to spare today, spend them watching this splendid montage. You won’t be disappointed.


Another montage by Richard: A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey.

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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    • Je vais traduire mon commentaire en français:

      Inclure les éléments suivants dans la description de cette entrée, s’il vous plaît:
      Attention! La concentration de Lynch est si élevé dans cette vidéo que vous pouvez facilement surdoser et des effets secondaires peuvent être unexpectable!
      Parce que pas une larme a manqué à mes yeux, mais à l’approche de la finale j’ai senti mon cœur saignant et gémissant … C`est incroyablement magnifique, je me lèverai pour donner à mes applaudissements pour vous, Richard, «parfois il ya tant de beauté dans le monde … ” Merci pour cette belle vidéo!

  1. Include the following into the description of this entry, please:
    Attention! The concentration of Lynch is so high in this video that you can easily overdose and the side effects can be unexpectable!
    Because not a single tear ran out from my eyes but approaching to the finale I felt my heart bleeding and moaning… It`s incredibly wonderful, I rise up to give my applause to the director, “sometimes there`s so much beauty in the world…”

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