David Lynch And Mark Frost Not Bringing Twin Peaks Back

Twin Peaks is not coming back

Back in January, when a hoax spread that Twin Peaks would return to television for a 3rd season, film director and author of the Secret Diary of Laura PalmerJennifer Lynch stepped up to shoot the rumor down by posting the following Facebook status update: “I AM PUTTING TO REST ALL STORIES OF TWIN PEAKS RETURN. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.

Twin Peaks co-creator, Mark Frost, backed that up by tweeting the following:

At yesterday’s final Twin Peaks Series Retrospective Q&A organized by the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lynch stated once again that Twin Peaks was not coming back, and this came straight from her dad’s lips. That means she asked him and he definitely rejected the idea.

We know a lot of you would love to see a continuation of the show and that many fans would be willing to chip in. Even Netflix would. But the ultimate decision lies in the hands of David Lynch and Mark Frost. And today, we have the answers of both of them.

You can now uncross your fingers and imagine what happens next. After all, it is a continuing story.

But know this: you’re welcome anytime to fill the donut hole in your post-Peaks life!

And here’s to hoping Frost and Lynch team up and create something again!

Twin Peaks is not coming back

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. It’s deeply unfortunate to fans and investors alike that Lynch and Frost cannot settle their differences and continue a project that was disrupted. A whole new generation has grown up with the knowledge that TWIN PEAKS changed television forever; they know that HBO and SHOWTIME and AMC feature film quality television would not have been envisoned without TWIN PEAKS. And for those living under a rock for two decades, the third season would school audiences and the industry on how to create episodic drama with intelligence without zombies, gangs, or meth labs.

    -Robert Craig Baum (producer/writer)

    • “on how to create episodic drama with intelligence without zombies, gangs, or meth labs” – Oh I think Twin Peaks contained all of these! 🙂

  2. Sad, sad day (and future days) for ALL “Peak” lovers all over the world. Until we ALL meet at that Peak sign again….Let the imagination run wild~

  3. Hooray! Glad to hear that prequel/remake/sequel nonsense ain’t how Lynch/Frost roll yo.

    Now that that’s settled, they can get on with releasing the entire series and FWWM in one Blu-ray set with 5.1 192khz/24bit PCM audio, right? Keep the packaging simple, guys.

    Bring it on.

  4. “Hooray! Glad to hear that prequel/remake/sequel nonsense ain’t how Lynch/Frost roll yo.”

    Twin Peaks *was* sequential storytelling. Fire Walk With Me was a prequel, and to a lesser extent a sequel, and there would have been more films but for the commercial realities faced by the first one.

    In my opinion, continuing what was a sequential story doesn’t constitute any kind of artistic crime. In fact, I believe it could go far in addressing the unfortunate blot on much of the last 2/3rds of the second season. It’s like one of those frustrating unfinished symphonies, but in this case the composers didn’t die. Gah! Cable/Netflix would be a much better playground than network television ever was.


  5. As Laura says to agent Cooper during the Black Lodge sequence; I’ll see you again in 25 years. There are still a few years to go before twin peaks can return. 🙂

  6. I think I read somewhere, maybe in that Independent interview, Lynch gets momentarily grouchy, because the interviewer tells him that one of his friends has let slip that he is writing something for tv/film. Then these tweets etc. Bit hush-hush isn’t it?
    From his comments he is clearly writing something for tv. Not in a big rush. As if he had, maybe, 2 or 3 years to get it ready???

    • I recently finished watching the series for the first time on Netflix. Wow – I now know what the big deal is about. I personally believe that the second half of the second season was much more interesting than the Laura Palmer investigation (although I truly enjoyed that as well!). It just feels that the story was just “getting its true North” as it ended. Because of the pure perfection of it all, I’ve gone back and forth, and wondered if a third season would ruin how I feel about it. The answer I’ve come up with is “No way!” A third season would be so original to come back now, as Laura says, 25 years later. So many interesting ways to proceed – I need closure! As a gal from Missoula Montana, please David Lynch, bring Twin Peaks back!

  7. David should do more “Twin Peaks” while he can. If not when he passes on his estate will sell of rights. That’s a given!!!

  8. The irony now is… Mark was using the internet… to spread a rumor… that was untrue… so that they could properly work and deal to make it happen for real.

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