David Lynch Launches “Studio: David Lynch” With Official T-Shirt Collection

David Lynch has officially opened shop on Amazon.com!

Studio: David Lynch launched today with a first wave of 50+ t-shirts designed by the painter turned filmmaker.

UPDATE (August 2018): David Lynch’s t-shirts are now available in the United Kingdom over at Amazon.co.uk and Germany through Amazon.de.

Some prints are recognizable, like Turkey Cheese Head which was also used on the cover of Julee Cruise‘s The Voice of Love album.

David Lynch: Turkey Cheese Head t-shirt

Other designs reference David’s Asymmetrical recording studio in L.A., the Absurda label and his unfinished film project, Ronnie Rocket.David Lynch: Ronnie Rocket t-shirt David Lynch: Asymmetrical Studio David Lynch: Absurda

More will be coming along, so stay tuned!

Check out Studio: David Lynch!

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. If you’ve gotten to the point you dont want to post more Fan Dossier files, or at least cut down on them, couldn’t you post five or so at a time just to get them out there?

    • I hear you. The 30-day I Know Catherine, The Log Lady Kickstarter campaign took me 24/7 to run. Assuming things will calm down for a bit now that it is completed, FFF will continue on Friday! Thanks for your understanding.

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