Rest In Peace, Al Strobel (1940-2022), The One-Armed-Man And The Voice of “Fire Walk With Me”

Cast and crew responds to the passing of Al Strobel aka The One-Armed Man

Al Strobel, who played Phillip Michael Gerard aka MIKE in Twin Peaks, has passed away yesterday, December 2, 2022, at the age of 82.

UPDATE: Al’s relatives have reached out to Welcome to Twin Peaks with the request to let fans know that contrary to information in the press and on Wikipedia, he was born in Madison, WI (not Seattle, WA) on January 28, 1940 (instead of 1939). Al was 82 when he passed.

The sad news of his passing reached Welcome to Twin Peaks via a Facebook post by executive producer Sabrina S. Sutherland. “I loved him dearly,” she adds.

Sabrina Sutherland reports on Facebook that Al Strobel has passed away

Al Strobel, who lost his arm in a car accident at the age of 17, was cast in the Twin Peaks pilot to walk out of an elevator merely as a tribute to The Fugitive’s One-Armed Man, but he became more than just a reference as soon as David Lynch heard his deep voice. “And then I heard Al Strobel’s voice, which is an incredible voice, and I had to write something for that voice,” David Lynch remembers in Room to Dream. He then went on to write the Fire Walk with Me poem and the rest is history.

David Lynch and Al Strobel on the set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
David Lynch and Al Strobel on the set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Fellow cast and crew members have responded to the sad news already. I will keep this post updated as more remembrance come in.

Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle Maclachlan on Al Stobel's passing

Mark Frost

Dana Ashbrook

Adele Rene

Harley Peyton

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