Al Strobel Reenacts Deleted Scene Live At Twin Peaks Festival (Video)

Al Strobel with Kimmy Robertson at the Twin Peaks UK Festival

At last month’s Twin Peaks UK Festival 2011, special guest Al Strobel reenacted his deleted scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in front of an excited live audience.

Say it together with MIKE: “eM… klaW… htiW… eriF




There’s also a 3D version of the video, for those of you who have the Dr. Jacoby glasses:


Thanks to YouTube user psychologyguy for uploading these videos starring The One-Armed Man.

UPDATE: Here’s another recording of the moment, with a nice “twist.”

UPDATE #2: The actor did the same at the 2012 Twin Peaks Fest. Here’s that moment… BACKWARDS:


Al Strobel interviewed about the exact scene:


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