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Where Were You In ’92?

With the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me approaching, we will soon be going back in time. Back to 1992. Where were you in '92?
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With the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me approaching, we will soon be going back in time. Back to 1992. My question for you today is: Where were you in ’92?

Where were you in '92?

Do you remember the premiere? Were you even into Twin Peaks at the time? Were you… even born?

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What's your response to this?


  1. Greg says:

    I was 18 years old. Huge TP fan. Counting the days until the release in my home country, Switzerland. My girlfriend (with whom I had watched and loved the whole series) had recently cheated on me, so it was quite a depressing time. Warm summer. Remember being alone, waiting for the train to go the the theater in the hot, deserted train station in my hometown. Loved the movie. But something in the air had changed.

  2. Yinzerella says:

    I totally remember it coming out although I didn’t see it first-run in the theater. I was only 13 at the time. I do remember all of the negative press. Bummer.

  3. Daniel says:

    I was…15 I believe? I didn’t watch Twin Peaks until I was in my early 20’s. The bad part is that I already knew who killed Laura Palmer, since I’d seen Fire Walk With Me several years after the show.

  4. Allan says:

    I was 1 year old! And I became fan of Twin Peaks one year ago, so at 19. And I miss this show, it’s so addictive.
    Thanks for this website and all the work you’re doing 😉

  5. Qbin2001 says:

    I was 20 at the time. I was huge fan of Twin Peaks. I may say obsessed. I watched series constantly on VHS recorded from TV that my friend had. When I reached to the last episode i started watching from the beginning… 4 times whole series one after one… I remember how I went to the big city (30 miles) to be at the first screening of the movie (it came out at January 1993 in Poland). There was only 2 peoples in the cinema excepted me. My eyes were wide open… I remember that I felt little cheated when I walk to the street. This wasn’t my Twin Peaks from the series… It was so dark, weird in a different way… I missed series mood, fun and characters… I never fully accepted FWWM, and never will. But that time was one of the best in my life. Twin Peaks was all my world at the time. I miss that feeling sometimes…

  6. Neal says:

    Sitting in an empty theater with my father at age 15. Good ol dad let me skip school, and about 20 minutes into the film, he started to snore(he was not a fan of the show, but won 10 million brownie points for his kindness). Central Florida was not a hotbed for Twin Peaks nuts, but seeing it alone in a big theater was like my own private screening.

  7. patrick petelle says:

    I was 16 and, the only thing I can remember of TP is the preview of the film on television! weird preview as I can recal… it was in 95 that i saw the series and the film… and from the VHS I also remembered seing a small part of the series on TV… the part were Hawk is saving Dale and Harry at one eye jacks… and now, I too have been touched by the devilish one! BEST SERIES EVER!

  8. Y S says:

    I was 2 years old in 92′ but I wish my family could have known about TP when I was a little baby.

  9. Ryan says:

    I was being born, on February 28th. Wasn’t around for the beginning of Twin Peaks, but I love the show.

  10. Lili says:

    I was 3 years old… Definitely NOT into Twin Peaks at the time, but my mom was watching it on TV and went to see the movie. I don’t remember that, of course, but she told me she was a huge fan of the series. However, she had completely “forgotten” about it, and when I bought the DVD of the series a few years ago, she rediscovered while I was watching it for the first time. “Oooow, yeaaah, I remember that ! It’s that awesome David Lynch show from the 1990s !”

    Anyway – I wish I was born at the time TP was released, I would have loved to follow the show on TV every week, to watch the movie on a big screen, to attend the first TP Fest… Yeah, that would have been great. But it’s never too late to become a fan – I’ve been more than obsessed with Twin Peaks for quite a few years now. =)

  11. Beta says:

    I was 15 years old, and was the Olimpics at my hometown, Barcelona (Spain)!

  12. Teacher in China says:

    I was about 15 and we had to sneak into the theatre to watch it. We bought tickets for some other movie and then managed to duck into the TP theatre unnoticed. It wasn’t empty, but we had to sit down in the front row so all 4 of us could sit together. Unfortunately, we hadn’t worked up the courage to do it immediately, so I missed the whole intro with Chris Isaak’s character and Agent Cooper. I left the theatre scared (and scarred) by the madness of that final scene. I remember literally being unable to get up off the chair when the final scene ended because I was so amazed by what I had just seen.

  13. albi99 says:

    I was 15, from Hungary, and it was all about TP in my life 🙂 We did a Twin Peaks parody in school, I just loved the whole phenomenon. Good memories 🙂

  14. KT says:

    I was in the womb until July, and Twin Peaks didn’t officially appear in my life until I was about 13 or 14. But when it did, I felt as if it had been a part of me for the duration of that time.

  15. Nate says:

    I was 16 years old, had watched the television show fanatically but it would be a few more years before I saw the movie. I got back into it in 1994 and then saw the film. Twin Peaks has meant a lot to me throughout the years and has reminded me of different times and phases in my life. I’ve also understood it at different levels and I’m sure that is an ongoing process.

  16. tonyvortex says:

    Twenty years ago today Fire Walk With Me came out to theaters. Opening night I saw it twice in a row. My mom picked me up from high school and drove me the twenty miles to the closest theater. Months earlier my dad found me the shooting script at a convention. Once home I highlighted everything that was missing from the movie. I had that script memorized. The week it played I ended up seeing it five times. It is still one of the greatest movies of all time to me.

  17. Cory Frye says:

    Saw it on the big screen when I was 19. I touched neither my popcorn nor my Pepsi, just sat gape-mawed and mind-blown, then left the theater even whiter than usual. Absolutely brilliant.

  18. kt says:

    went to opening night dressed as Cooper, girfriend dressed up as Audrey. Let’s Rock!

  19. patrick petelle says:

    not in thaeter, not on dvd, but on a vhs… remember those! i was 19 and i did see the sreies before the movie… still on vhs… lol and i got all the tapes the dvd and even a cup with the floor patern on it! i’m obsessed a bit!HAPPY 20 TH TO ALL THE FANS! LET’S BRING BACK THAT SHOW TO THE WORLD AND LET’S ROCK!^()^

  20. I saw it at the Oswego Cinema in Oswego, NY. I went in on opening day for the first showing, certain it would be filled with people. I arrived 30 minutes before showtime so that I could get my favorite seat. Only one other peson showed up to see it for that first showing. I couldn’t believe it. Could not believe it. When that film started, I was riveted to the spot. I could not peel my eyes away from the screen even though I found portions of the film absolutely horrifying. The film washed over mlike a cold shower. I wsn’t coming for any answers to anything, but to be pulled along and brought somewhere. I was not disappointed. When it was over I felt thrilled and drained at the same time. Absolutely, one of my most involving cinema experiences ever. I so wish I could watch it again on 35mm.

  21. Emily says:

    I was not born in 1991, so I was only a wee wriggler when the show came out. Found out about it on Tumblr a few years ago, finally started watching it this year. It is —excuse me— a damn fine tv show!

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