Premiere: David Lynch’s “True Love’s Flame” Covered By F__k You, Tammy!

New York City’s “Band from Another Place” turns on the Julee Cruise control on Jack Cruz’s instant classic

Fuck You, Tammy! is lighting the flame of love on Valentine’s Day with the world’s first cover of the glorious love song from David Lynch’s Netflix short, What Did Jack Do?

The NYC-based band, which recently shared the stage with James Marshall at Eraserhood Forever in Philadelphia (watch them perform “Just You” below), rose out of the ashes of Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017 to channel the music of Twin Peaks as well as David Lynch’s extended cinematic universe. And they couldn’t have chosen a better line from the show as their moniker.

Today, several weeks ahead of the official release of the original song, Welcome to Twin Peaks is happy to premiere the band’s live cover of “True Love’s Flame”. They turned on the Julee Cruise control and drove that baby straight to the Roadhouse. Enjoy this video, shot entirely in one take by Simon Sun, with two coffees, a sweet, golden banana, and, optionally, the love of your life.

Fuck You, Tammy! — True Love’s Flame (Cover)

Fuck You, Tammy! is Julie Rozansky (bassist and vocalist in Scam Avenue, Tree River, The Art of Shooting), Devery Doleman (lead vocalist in Scam Avenue, Les Sans Culottes, La Laque), drummer Nate Smith (Shy Child, Scam Avenue), keyboardist Bill Ferullo (Nuraxi, Nancy (Not Her Real Name), Les Sans Culottes), guitarist David Andreana (The Ritualists), and D’Addario artist/ saxophone /guitar player Anthony Cekay (Booga Sugar, Freedom Haters, The Brothers Yee, Anthony Cekay and Friends). This cover was conceived and produced by Devery Doleman and shot by Simon Sun at Complete Music Studios, Brooklyn, NY. “True Love’s Flame” was written by David Lynch and Dean Hurley and published by Bobkind Music (ASCAP) Team Hurley (ASCAP).

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Bonus: Fuck You, Tammy! featuring James Marshall – Just You

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Written by Pieter Dom

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