The Next Peak Volume 3: Original Retro Synth Music Inspired By Twin Peaks

The Next Peak Vol III (Twin Peaks Tribute)

The Next Peak Vol III (Twin Peaks Tribute)

The Next Peak Volume III is here!

The final volume in a compilation series of retro synth tributes to Twin Peaks is now available on Retro Promenade‘s Bandcamp (name your own price!) along with some neon-heavy merch. The last chapter features a whopping 25 (yes, that’s twenty-five, as in the actual age of the show) brand new ’80s and ’90s sounding tracks. You’ll hear familiar samples, vaguely recognize bass lines and melodies, and even get Angelo Badalamenti vibes, but unlike previous volumes of The Next Peak, this is all original material “inspired by anything within the Twin Peaks universe.

The Next Peak Volume III Album Stream

Let’s rock and share your feedback and favorites in the comments!

The Next Peak Volume III Tracklist

  1. MIDWAVE – Diane (Part 1)
  2. Who Ha – Invitation To Love
  3. Diamond Field & The Black Lodge Girls – Burning Blood
  4. Protector 101 – Waterfall
  5. Metavari – Oh Diane (What We Need Now Is Magic)
  6. Waveshaper – The Ghost of Leland Palmer
  7. Hide And Sequence – Dark Water
  8. The Black Hundred – A Strange & Difficult Path
  9. Femmepop – Audrey
  10. Arielle Esther – Traces To Nowhere
  11. Collins feat Johnny Accioly – Walk With Me
  12. CTRL_ALT_DSTRY – Plastic
  13. Deadlights – Pseudostuga Menziesii
  14. Faint Waves – Killing Wind
  15. Full Eclipse – How Annie Is
  16. Kaysa – Laura Palmer
  17. Paine Nihil – BOB
  18. Shock Street – Pilot
  19. Telesto – Owl Cave
  20. The Boy & Sister Alma – One Eye, One Arm, One Man
  21. The Deathless – Subliminal Chevron
  22. The Dust Collective – Had A Vision
  23. XSRY – And Little Lambs Eat
  24. DROID DECAY SECTOR – Laura Palmer
  25. MIDWAVE – Diane (Part 2)

Some of these tracks have their own videos, like Metavari’s Oh Diane and these songs…

Collins – Walk With Me (Video)

Diamond Field and the Black Lodge Girls – Burning Blood (Video)

Kaysa – Laura Palmer (Video)

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