Owl Cave Added To Twin Peaks Archive

As usual by the end of every week, davidlynch.com treats us to an exclusive track from the immense treasury that is the Twin Peaks Archive. The Owl Cave‘s background slideshow includes 4 previously unseen stills (see below), and here’s a preview of the actual song:

[wpaudio url=”http://davidlynch.com/music/Twin-Peaks-Archive/Owl-Cave.ogg” text=”Twin Peaks Archive – Owl Cave”]


Although probably a track that would have never appeared among a sequenced CD soundtrack release, ‘Owl Cave’ is a nice repeating mini-motif that surfaces somewhat significantly in the final chapter of the series. Labeled ‘The Giant Appears’ in the archive, it is a good example of the synthesized portion of the Twin Peaks sound. Although many cues from the series were recorded with an ensemble of musicians in a studio, just as many additional cues and even sound ‘effects’ from the show were created exclusively by Badalamenti on synths such as the Roland JX-10.


Cooper in owl cave

The Giant

The Giant

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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