What If David Lynch Directed Rock Of Ages, Glee, Three Men And A Baby, And A Dozen Other Things

David Lynch - Rock of Ages

From the mind of David Lynch comes a modern day masterpiece, so startling… so provocative… so mysterious that it will open your eyes to a world you have never seen before!

David Lynch - Rock of AgesA David Lynch movie is more than the sum of slow-motion video, estranging sound effects, the glorification of coffee, a jazzy 50s soundtrack, backwards talking/dancing, and the appearance of a dwarf. But, as we’ve seen in How to Make a David Lynch Film, it can be quite entertaining to take these elements out of context and compile them into some sort of Lynchian parody. Here are more than a dozen re-cut trailers (or “retrailers”, if you will) of movies, television shows and commercials “as if David Lynch directed them“.

Rock Of Ages


Full House


Dirty Dancing

A Single Man

Friday The 13th Part V

Three Men And A Baby


Golden Girls

The Super Bowl

Skip to 0:43 for the David Lynch directed parody bit.

A hair coloring commercial

A Goofy Movie

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days


Teletubbies meet Eraserhead in Helletubbies:

If you come across any other Lynchian recut trailers, feel free to add them in the comments.

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