Mattel Bans David Lynch’s Coffee Klatch With Barbie

David Lynch Barbie

David Lynch Barbie

You’ve probably seen David Lynch’s home recorded conversation with a Barbie doll in which he promotes his Signature Cup Organic Coffee (it was on our Facebook page on April 8th). Mattel, Inc. saw it too… and wasn’t pleased. The American toy company and Barbie doll maker “kindly asked” David Lynch to remove the video commercial from his site as well as from Vimeo, which effectively breaks the tens of thousands of embeds on blogs and social media profiles.

UPDATE (December 7, 2011) : Adweek has ranked it 2nd in their “Freakiest Ads of 2011” (there’s only one weirder) and is hosting the banned commercial again:

While every brand should be extremely honored with free product placement by the man who hates embedded marketing, the cease and desist was likely nothing personal. Mattel has always been strict in pursuing trademark violations and since the doll was used for commercial purposes, an official permission of use would’ve probably never been given. What they cannot take away is the buzz created by the fascinating video that was called “disturbing” by some and “brilliant” by others.

Mattel wants David Lynch's coffee commercial removed

Here’s a parody of the David Lynch “Barbie” commercial by Hank Harris:

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