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[Solved] Audrey Horne

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I can't help but wonder if Audrey is simply dead. If you watch Doc Hayward talking on Skype with Frank Truman in ep 7, his head drops and he looks very sad when he recalls that after the bank business, she was in a coma. The way his head drops--it looks like, whatever happened to Audrey, it wasn't a happy outcome. I am not convinced she will emerge as "Linda" in a wheelchair, but it is possible. It seems more likely she is in a vegetative state somewhere, all hooked up but still mentally capable. That would seem to fit in with this show. Just a thought. 

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S. Fenn asked David Lynch back then about ( what became ) the last episode. He told her "Audrey's not dead."

Jocelyn Rowe Topic starter 08/07/2017 8:50 pm

OK, Not dead. But it seems strange we haven't even seen a glimpse of her, when so many of the others from the earlier show have at least been cameo'd. I know that  The Secret History of Twin Peaks doesn't necessarily provide answers for anything, but there are a few lines in the section on the bombing at the bank that make me wonder. The writer says of Ben Horne:  

"Those who saw him at his daughter's bedside in the hospital(she was in critical condition) afterward describe a man broken in half with grief, and, we can now also surmise, personal guilt." 

It's that last line that bothers me "we can NOW also surmise, personal guilt."  Of course the author could just be referring to a letter she wrote to him just prior to the accident.