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Have you seen this log?

Log Lady’s Log Goes Missing

Actress Catherine E. Coulson informed Welcome to Twin Peaks on Saturday of the dreadful news that her log, the actual prop carried by The Log Lady, has disappeared from its storage place.
Doorway print replica for sale

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Doorway Print Replica For Sale

The Doorway print, the first official (read: David Lynch-approved) product made specially for the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition, is available for purchase. It is a replica of the original prop seen in Laura Palmer's bedroom, and comes in a limited edition of 100.
Twin Peaks Pinball Machines

Twin Peaks Pinball Machines

When watching Twin Peaks episode Arbitrary Law, I've always been curious about the two pinball machines near the entrance of The Roadhouse.
Twin Peaks Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace

Laura Palmer and James Hurley's heart necklace makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for Twin Peaks fans. The gold necklace costs only $7... and that's for both halves of the locket. If you're not going to wear it, then at least keep it safe in a coconut.