Log Lady’s Log Goes Missing

Perhaps the most famous log in the world has gone missing. Actress Catherine E. Coulson informed Welcome to Twin Peaks on Saturday of the dreadful news that her log, the actual prop carried by “The Log Lady” through 30 episodes of Twin Peaks, has disappeared from its storage place.

I kept the log at a secure, humidified location close to its roots in the Pacific Northwest,” she wrote in a Facebook message, “but it mysteriously vanished last week.” Only a small number of the actress’s friends and family had knowledge of the log’s whereabouts, but she refuses to suspect any of them. “An overzealous Twin Peaks fan must have chased me when I visited for a monthly checkup.” Police, however, found no signs of burglary and Coulson owns the only key. “Nobody saw something that night,” said the detective on the rather bizarre case.

Even though the actress has grown fond of the log during and after the show —it used to travel the world with her until TSA rules were tightened— it is more than a piece of wood with some emotional value. David Lynch handpicked the legendary screen used prop and gave it to his longtime friend on the last day of shooting Twin Peaks, with the simple words “Here, you should have it.” While it was in Coulson’s possession for over 20 years, she received plenty of offers for the “chunk” of wood, including a bid from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., an “astronimical” sum believed to be in the mid-high 5 figures from a Japanese investor, and a lifetime supply of chewing tobacco from a well-known brand. Needless to say, Coulson never succumbed.

We doubt the thief will list the log on eBay, but can we ask you to please keep your eyes open for this historical piece of ponderosa pine? Any leads are welcome on our Facebook page.

Have you seen this log?

UPDATE (April 1st, 2013): As of earlier today, the log was found by a hiker. Apparently, it was just hanging out with old relatives. Thanks for your concern and happy April Fools’ Day!

Log Lady's Log Found!

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