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David Lynchfest 2012

David Lynchfest 2012: Music, Trivia, Burlesque And Black Lodge 2600

The 7th edition of the Baltimore-based David Lynchfest is happening May 12th 2012. There will be musical performances by Badalamenti Project, IED-IUD (a Blue Velvet set) and Mr. Seaweed, a themed burlesque, a Miss Twin Peaks pageant trivia contest, and a Black Lodge Atari 2600 video game competition.

Twin Peaks Meets The Sims In The Red Room Machinima

A YouTube user and Twin Peaks fan called tattooedgirl001 undeniably seems to know her way around The Sims! Using the cameraman mode of the 3D life-simulation game by Maxis, she recreated the final scenes from the television show as well as the movie.
Black Lodge pixel art

If There Were A Twin Peaks Video Game

I remember when I was a kid, you know, dividing my heaps of leisure time between Princess Zelda and Laura Palmer, I always hoped somebody would make a game adaptation of Twin Peaks. And for a while, there were indeed crazy rumors going around that Hi Tech Expressions was to release a Twin Peaks video game...