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Keep Calm And Dream On iPhone Case

For the fans of Dale Cooper and his unusual deductive techniques, I decided to make a second iPhone case. This one is based on the Keep Calm And Dream On t-shirt design introduced earlier this month, with an extra touch of Black Lodge.

Dale Cooper's Keep Calm and Dream On iPhone case

The extremely tough one-piece case fits every iPhone 4 and 4S, no matter which mobile service provider. Some other features:

  • Long life, super-bright colors embedded directly into the case
  • Extremely durable one-piece, shatterproof plastic casing
  • Full-wrap printing
  • Allows access to all device features; iPhone charges while in case
  • Special keyhole ring keeps lens completely unobstructed.

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Keep Calm And Dream On iPhone Case

Keep calm and dream on could've easily been one of Dale Cooper's life mottos. Here's the slick iPhone case that goes with it.