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Kyle MacLachlan “Really, Really Excited” To Get Back Into The World Of Twin Peaks After Hearing David Lynch And Mark Frost’s Plans For Dale Cooper

Kyle MacLachlan hasn't read David Lynch and Mark Frost's new Twin Peaks scripts yet, but WHAT he knows made him “really, really excited” to get back.
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Kyle MacLachlan and David Lynch behind the scenes of Twin Peaks

Kyle MacLachlan hasn’t read David Lynch and Mark Frost’s new scripts yet —he’s heading to Los Angeles in a few days to sit down with the masterminds and “move through it”— but he just told The Wall Street Journal that what he knows is enough to get excited.

“David and I have spoken a little bit. He’s asked me to be pretty tight-lipped about what we discussed. He hasn’t talked in great detail about relationships, or who or what or who with, those kinds of questions, but what he said specifically about [Dale Cooper] has made me really, really excited to get back into that world.”

But what the actor is most excited about, is working with David Lynch again. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve actually worked with David Lynch,” he said. “Our friendship is strong, and our working relationship is something I’m really excited to get back into.”

Showtime hasn’t set a production start date yet, but Kyle told WSJ he heard that they could start filming the new Twin Peaks in September or October. A pleasant and beautiful time to be shooting in the Pacific Northwest, right?

“We’ve always harbored a dream that we might be able to get back to [Dale Cooper] somehow. Never really thought it would happen, but here you go.”

[bctt tweet=”There’s no production start date yet, but Kyle MacLachlan heard they could start filming Twin Peaks in September or October.” via=”no”]

Hat tip to Michael Calia.

Bonus: Kyle MacLachlan about his favorite role

We expected it to be a one-off and then that was gonna be it.
—Kyle MacLachlan

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  1. Effron says:

    More exciting news after another. Mr. M. brings up a very important issue, that Mr. lynch is very tight-lipped about things and asks the people he works with to respect that. So what is Welcome To Twin Peaks policy towards spoilers? I for one don’t want to be spoiled yet at the same time enjoy reading news about the show’s progress. How will this site and it’s Facebook page treat potential spoilers?

  2. Arjan Hut says:

    What a life!

  3. Peter says:

    I am really dying to know what Dale Cooper we are getting at the outset of the season. I think that I am not interested in the entire run being about the fight to rescue Cooper and have Kyle just running around for 18 episodes being this evil horrible person. Don’t get me wrong, it would be entertaining, but that is not the Cooper that all of us know and love. I would really like to see that resolved very early in the season so that we get OUR Cooper back, investigating a new crime or mysterious happenings. He is the anchor of the show, so I would hate to see that lost for the majority of these new episodes. But again, I will take whatever story they want to tell me, I am just incredibly grateful to be getting this show back!

    • Griff says:

      I’m pretty sure we’ll get the “old” Cooper back very quickly, if not almost immediately. You’re right when you say that his being trapped in lodge won’t be able to sustain 18 episodes.

      The character is so iconic they won’t keep him off screen for long.

  4. Eric Hoffman says:

    First off, Kyle MacLachlan is being a bit disingenuous when he says he wanted to get back to the character right after the show was cancelled. He famously declined to be in much of the feature film, necessitating the prequel format, and possibly killing off whatever chance the franchise had for additional films.
    Secondly, I doubt very much there will be much attention given to the “evil Dale” storyline, which was, as Lynch admits, a cynically motivated throwaway plot device to drum up demand for a third season, which most felt was probably not going to happen anyway.

  5. Jts Brown says:

    Major briggs also went into the lodge… Thats 2 high ranking government officials that are possibly running around possessed…

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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