David Lynch’s Personal Recommendations On How To Watch Twin Peaks Properly

Simply watching the new Twin Peaks on your TV is not good enough, David Lynch declared last night at the first theatrical screening of the new series (Parts 1 & 2) in Italy, an event organized by the Lucca Film Festival.

For me, the key to why Twin Peaks changed television is because we see it as a film, not a TV show. One film broken into 18 parts.  A beautiful picture and beautiful sound. And I would like to tell you and ask you to tell you friends and your friends around the world, that when you see Twin Peaks on a television, or a computer, or even worse, a telephone, you are not hearing the full soundtrack.

The director is not implying you have to wait until an 18-hour theatrical release, so don’t cancel Showtime and throw out that 4K Ultra HD Smart TV yet. There’s a simple way to completely immerse yourself.

I recommend getting whatever screen* you’re looking at as close to your eyes as you can get, and use headphones. Turn the lights down. And then you have a chance of getting into a new world.

Not only did David Lynch direct every second of what you see on the screen, he’s single-handedly credited for all the sound design. You better “listen to the sounds” and listen to them good!

*Unless it’s a telephone. Never, ever watch any David Lynch on a telephone.