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Microsoft Lynch (Video)

Microsoft Lynch

Microsoft Lync, the enterprise instant messaging software, is occasionally misspelled as Microsoft Lynch. Now what if that product would really exist as a collaboration between the software maker and the surrealist director?

Hints of Mulholland Dr, Lost Highway and Twin Peaks, in this splendid parody short by Parker Davidson. Also take note of the excellent sound design (headphones recommended), and the funny statuses in the software’s contact list, like “Laura Palmer: wrapped up” and “Henry Spencer, location: heaven.”

Microsoft and David Lynch team up for a new generation of Internet communications. Microsoft LYNCH is your one-stop-go-to communicator for all aspects of your business. Share videos, chats, files, and pictures with everyone – even yourself. I mean, if that is actually you on the other end of the chat. Will you accept the message?

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Microsoft Lynch

Microsoft Lynch, an enterprise instant messaging product by Microsoft and David Lynch.