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True Detective Titles Get Twin Peaks Makeover And Other Mashups

Time is a flat circle… so True Detective and Twin Peaks mashups had to happen.

True Detective X Twin Peaks opening titles

HBO’s True Detective —IMO the best television drama in years— and Twin Peaks are very different yet strangely similar. A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I wouldn’t be surprised if one of TD’s lead characters, detective Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), had spent the years he was gone missing in limbo inside the Black Lodge… high on Haloperidol. In one episode, someone tells him: “I saw you in my dream. You’re in Carcosa now with me. He sees you. You’ll do this again.” Is Carcosaanother place” like the Black Lodge and is everything always “happening again“?

UPDATE: True Detective’s amazing first season is now available on Blu-ray (Amazon).

Other parallels are that the shows start with the gruesome discovery of a murdered young girl; they both have a character called Audrey (Horne/Hart) who’s in a troubled father/daughter relationship, and then there’s a diary mentioning the potential killer (BOB/The Yellow King). Not to mention the symbolism, slow pacing and gallons of black coffee.

Alright, alright, alright. I could go on (and you can in the comments), but I’m digressing.

Inspired by the perceived connection between the two shows, motion graphics designer Blunt Objects from Chicago, IL has made new opening credits for True Detective using the Twin Peaks theme song, font style and an eerily matching slowed down frame-rate. Some tweaks to the color grading and less of Reggie Ledoux’s place would’ve made this perfect, but I’ve enjoyed this crossover anyway!

Now, who’s going to make new Twin Peaks titles using the True Detective styleUPDATEThat didn’t take long! Check the second one below.

True Detective Title Sequence Twin Peaks Remix

(Other Twin Peaks intro mashups: Peaks And Recreation and Twin Cheers)

Twin Peaks Titles (True Detective Style)

Damn Good Coffee In A Big Hug Mug

Here’s another True Detective versus Twin Peaks mashup I couldn’t resist.

If Dale Cooper were a True Detective, he’d drink his damn good coffee from a Big Hug Mug.

By the way, the mug is real. The still is not 😉

Dale Cooper drinking from True Detective's Big Hug Mug

Rust Cohle Channeling Killer BOB

Purely coincidental if you ask me, but the old Rust Cohle could indeed be a relative to Killer BOB.

True Detective X Twin Peaks Titles

Another opening titles mashup, but the other way around (and just the still).

Twin Peaks X True Detective opening titles

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

That owl looks like a Twin Peaks Easter Egg, doesn’t it? From the second episode of True Detective. Hat tip to Filipi.

True Detective X Twin Peaks: owl

Rust Cohle Inside The Black Lodge

YES! Thank you Shindoku for visualizing this!

Rust Cohle inside the Black Lodge

Have You Seen The Green-Eared Spaghetti Heisenbob?

John Burnham threw Breaking Bad into the mix just because he canThe Green-Eared Spaghetti Monster, Heisenberg and Killer BOB are “one and the same“.

Spaghetti Heisenbob Monster

Rust Cohle And Dale Cooper Meet The Man From Another Place

One of a few True Detective X Twin Peaks drawings by Pachu M. Torres, here’s Rust Cohle and Dale Cooper interrogating the Man From Another Place inside the Red Room. Clever how he replaced the owl shadow on the curtains with the silhouette of Dora Lange.

Rust Cohle and Dale Cooper meet The Man From Another Place

Audrey & Coop Versus Rust And Marty

Another one by Pachu M. Torres.

Audrey Horne, Dale Cooper, Rust Cohle and Marty Hart


Please share your thoughts on True Detective, its likeness to Twin Peaks and your own mashups!

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True Detective Titles Get Twin Peaks Makeover And Other Mashups

True Detective titles Twin Peaks-style, Dale Cooper drinking damn good coffee from a Big Hug Mug... Time is a flat circle, so these mashups had to happen.