Kyle MacLachlan’s Video Q&A: What Cooper And Mr. C Have In Common, Switching Between Characters & His Favorite Roadhouse Band

At the start of the week leading up to the 2-hour finale, Kyle MacLachlan stopped by at Twitter’s NYC headquarters for a video Q&A about Twin Peaks: The Return. In 23 video responses, Kyle talks about the challenges of switching between good and evil characters (sometimes even the same shooting day), keeping secrets from his fellow cast members, his favorite Roadhouse band and more. And if after Part 16 anyone is still wondering, YES. He IS the FBI!

No, I didn’t get to keep the suit. That goes back into the archives, I’m afraid, to be worn at a future date… maybe!

Was it hard for you to get back in the role of Agent Cooper?

Did you get to keep the suit?

How does it feel to be in the most audacious, creative and brilliant TV show of all time?

Is it fulfilling playing a hero that is so nice, so without irony, that is just plain good in today’s times?

Which character is more challenging to play: the evil, dangerous Mr. C, or the lovable, if a little slow, Dougie Jones?

What was your direction before filming the scene with ‘Dougie’ drinking his first coffee outside the Red Room?

Did you have a hard time always keeping a straight face when playing Mr. C?

How hard was it to NOT play Cooper for most of the series. Did you miss playing him?

Are you gonna miss Dougie?

Can I just get a “hello?”

Did you do all the Dougie scenes on the same run or did you have to flip evil Cooper?

You knew how this season is gonna end from the beginning, how hard is it to keep that great secret?

What was your initial reaction to seeing the script for the new season?

How has this season tested your abilities as an actor?

What is something, if anything, that good and evil Cooper have in common?

What’s been your favorite performance at the Roadhouse this year?

How do you feel about SO MUCH social media attention from your #TwinPeaks fans?

What are some of the top moments you’ve experienced working with David Lynch through the years?

What are the challenges of filming with actors who have only seen their part of the script/story?

If you could play any other Twin Peaks character, who would you choose?

Did you get emotional bringing Coop back?

What will you report back to Diane about your trip to @TwitterNYC?

Can you answer one question as Dougie for the last time?