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Catherine E. Coulson Talks Twin Peaks, Eraserhead And David Lynch At Antwerp Convention (Video)

Catherine E. Coulson interview at Antwerp Convention 2013

Catherine E. Coulson (or “The Log Lady”) attended Antwerp Convention 2013 on April 28th 2013 where she was greeted by tons of Belgian Twin Peaks fans. For those who couldn’t attend the sci-fi, fantasy and horror fest in Belgium, the entire interview and Q&A with the actress was taped and uploaded to YouTube for our pleasure. Catherine talks about her career, her longtime friendship with David Lynch, how the character of the Log Lady came about, what she thinks is the secret of the ongoing popularity of Twin Peaks, and many other things.

“My favorite character? Well, I will have to say the log. I think the log has it all together: calm, cool, collected. A little wooden.”
—Catherine E. Coulson

Catherine E. Coulson – Antwerp Convention 2013 Interview + Q&A


Catherine E. Coulson at Antwerp Convention (Video)

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Catherine E. Coulson Interview And Q&A At Antwerp Convention (Video)

Watch the video recording of Catherine E. Coulson's interview and Q&A about Twin Peaks & The Log Lady, Eraserhead and David Lynch at Antwerp Convention 2013